Saturday, January 30, 2010

What you want, is what you need.

hello :)

Aww, my best friiiiiiiiiend , Aisyah (:

Hihi, anyway, this week has been a good week for me, lol. I like my class even more now :) No one does their homework, and that's really nice, so now i'll have more people to teman me when I don't do my homework :D Cause like, 2 Hormat was very rajin, last year, and everyone did their homework (N) Not cool, haha! Haha, anyway, as I mentioned earlier, people use (Y) too much now -.-' It's seriously getting overrated. I mean like, that's prolly the only emotiocon people know, nowadays, yknw -.- I mean like, if you know what (Y) is, you obviously know what (N) is right? But HAHAHA most people don't. And like, idk why but it annoys me. Haha, well, everything annoys me anyway, so wadahell (:

Anyway, i'm happyyyyy! You wanna know why? Cause there's no ballet or piano tomorrow! Yay! Which means there's only cheer, and that's a good thing. Cause I like cheer. Hmm, you know, I decided that basing is fun! Hehe. I know right? I hated it like, last week. But like, stuff we did on Thursday made me change my mind (H) I'm not telling you guys what I did, HEHEHE <) But it was cool :) My coach(es) has magical super powers, hehe ;D So yeah. We have a class blog now, byee!

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