Saturday, February 20, 2010


hello :)

I feel loved :) HAHAHA! Anyway hello people! Jap, where's Elynna? -.- Uhh haha whatever. Anyway, I went to Sunway today with Elynna, Kaeshini, Tharma, Huda, Pui San, Elsa and Farhanah. I swear it was so boring. Hung out with Elynna, Kaeshini and Tharma most of the time anyway. We didn' do anything. I'm effing serious. We just played Tap Tap revenge, Dance Dance revolution, the drum thingy -.- Haha. Tharma sucks in Tap tap Revenge :) So does Kaeshini, HEHEHE. Hmm. Went to tuition after that. nad didn't come :( So sad, ahaha. So yeah. Currently webcaming with Elynna. Can't let her see my stoned face, hehe. So yeah byeee

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