Wednesday, February 3, 2010


hello :)
Guess what? Kaeshini made an 'I love Sri Aman's Guard' group on Facebook ;D HAHAHA! Go search for it! Hehe. Anyway, today has been a really boring day -.-' Aisyah was very emo, cause she was sick, in class. So I called her mom to fetch her. I'm such a nice friend :) I didn't get any homework (H), but, I have tuition later (N) I wanted to sleep, but I decided going online was better, hehe. Oh, my maid fell down the stairs, lol. So she didn't make lunch. So I ate Nutella instead :) So yeah. Oh! I forgot to blog about this, it happened a long time ago, lol.

I saw talking on the phone with Adline,
Adline : Blablabla I was angry at the senior :@
Me : Whyyy? O:
Adline : Eh, I tell you tomorrow, k?
Me : -.-
Adline : It's hard lh,
Me : Whyy? :(
Adline : Cause i'm in a box. Literally.

So yeah, she's such a nutcase And did I tell you how cool my class is? HAHAHA! Okay I told you guys already about it, so like, nevermind. Hmm, Aisyah & I are already being hated by so many teachers, lol. It's not our fault we find talking fun (/KANK), lol. HANNA'S DEAD. HEHEHE. Anyway, we had merentas desa practice, "running" with em Chongs (Aisyah, Uma, susan, ksherah, qeel) is so much fuuuuun Rapping all the way made it cooler, hehe (H) So yeah. I wanna eat. Byeeee!

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