Monday, February 1, 2010

hello :)
Omg omg omg omgggggggg there's school tomorrow. Seriously i'm so freaking lazy. So yeah. I like turkish delight ;D Hehe. I just read Nureen's blog, and hmm, I need a new dslr too yknw! Okay fine, I want a new dlsr, I want the one yang boleh ambik video, hehe. But like, no Nikon pls. NO OFFENCE, but Nikon kan, when you upload on the computer, it's really tk best. Haha. Unless you use the high end kind of Nikon. So yeah. My camera cacat, cannot take videos, boohoo. But like whatever. My dad just asked me upload some stupid photos in his Facebook, zzz -_- Oh, I have gym tomorrow. People seriously should get their own transport, yknw instead of depending on others :) Hm, should I masuk cheer for rumah sukan? Cause I know, for a fact that it'll be like uh.. lame -.-' So yeah. HAHAHAHA. i'm so evil. Whatever. I think i'll just masuk cause like, idk what else to join. Haha. Omg, I loooove this song. So niiiice, hihi. But I don't want to listen to it too many times, nanti muak :( Pfft. Haha so yeah. I haven't finished my homework yet, and I don't intend to. So yeah. Oh, I had tuition today, and surprisingly, it was okay (H)(H) Goodbye people


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