Sunday, February 21, 2010


hello :)
Okay, so i'm like reaaally bored here. I'm done with my geo folio, (just the parts that we have to do lh), i need to look for some bahans for sejarah. Damnn. Hm, actually I have quite alot more of homework to do ._. Including BM oral. Ho daaaaamnn. Haven't started on that yet. Hihi, die laaah. Oh, I finally finished my BM cerpen *bangga. Hehe. It's about rempits, HAHAHAHA :-D So yeah. I need to do some seni stuffs, eee. Okay you know what? I should like, do my homework now and study I guess? :/ So yeah. Hm, I have gym tomorrow, followed by blue house practice. Back to the boring life, I guess. Haha. Ooooo, school's tomorrow! Can't wait to see my friends. I'm talking about the ones who don't abandon each other (; So yeah! Byeee

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