Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ksherah is lame -.-

hello :)

So, i'm going to make this post as looong as possible, hehe. Hmm, so let's see, woke up, went to KL with the family, aww. Went to Pavillion and stuff blablabla. All I bought was a pair of flats, earrings and hairbands -.- Stupid lh, it was unfair cause my sister got a Roxy jacket and Roxy watch :@ PFFFT -_- So yeah. Okay okay nothing happened today actually, except for the shopping, which wasn't even real shopping part :@ Oh, I really want these shoes tau, from Converse! They're reallyyy pretty! Zebra stripes, yummy, hehe :p K k k k so yeah. I'm bored. So much for 'long post' :p Okay, byeeeee

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