Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh baby, yre a classic.

hello :)

iBEAGLE says:
*so tell me is it better to die on a dolphin
*a cat
iBEAGLE says:
*because if i die
*i wana do it in style

-HAHAHAHAHAHA. Stupid fool, Tharma. Amik kaaaaaau :p Anyway, i'm bored. Supposed to be doing kerja kursus, so boring okaaay, Zzzz. Oh, we learnt reproduction in school like, last week, and I forgot to blog about it. Hmm, it was boring. Idk why every was so excited to learn it -.- Lol.

"Teacher, how does the sperm go into the ovum?"
"Err, well.."
"Melalui hubungan yang romantic"
"I don't understand."
"The penis goes into the vagina."

Hmm, my dad's back. Byeeee

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