Saturday, February 6, 2010

P2 237! :D

hello :)

So like hello people! :D As you can see, I got my merentas desa number, like 2 days ago, I don't really like it, hehe. But I like the material etc they're using for this year! :D Good qualityyyy (H) Lol! but like, we'll have to return it ): Boohoo. Haha. I must remember to bring it tomorrow, seriouslyyyyy! I know, I should put it on my baju like, right now. But i'm too lazy, yay.

Anyway, school has been uber cool this week. Okay, that was a lie :) School was just fine. Oh, I lost my purple hairband, aww so sad HAHAHAHA. So like yeah. Byebye, merentas desa!

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