Saturday, February 27, 2010

She knows exactly what to do.

hello :)
So, I had ballet as usual, cheer after that. Cheer was kewlzz, as usual, haha. Practiced for KL Open, hehe. I love the stunt sequence, lol. LOCK, HANNAN. LOCKKK. Hannan cut her lip (?) or something liddat cause her mouth (?) was bleeding after falling down under Lissa's legs. Lol, I know it sounds wrong, but whatever. Anyway, I want iPod speakers! The one like Neesha's, soooo pretty :-D But she bought it in London -.-; Haha very niiiice. So yeah. Hm, i'm so bored. I've spent my whole afternoon doing this <- it's clickable. CLICK ON IT :-D Hehe, you'll love it, I swear (A) Haha. You know what? I have aloooot of homework to do. Mostly seni. But well, I don't do seni homework, cause my drawing's like shit, hehe :p So yeah. Okay, i'm done blogging. I wanted to post some photos, but malas. Hihi. So yeah byeee


You know I love you ;) May your life be filled with noisy classmates and er, tunas puteri (?) Lol, hehe. Oh! And the korean / japanese dude you like. Sorry, I don't bother to know his name, HAHAHAHA ;p

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