Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One day, robots will cry.

hello :)
So, i've been wanting to post a real post since like, forever! :) But I was always a bit too lazy, HEHEHE. Anyway, let me update you people about life -.- zzz. So March test is finally overrr. And honestly, I studied more for this test than last years end of the year exam. Haha, I don't know whyyy.

Anyway, everyone has Formspring now, k. So annoying (cehh, as if I tkde lh kan :p) :@ It's like getting overrated (BAHAHAHA) -.-; Anyway, for science, we had to do this biji benih thingy, and mine didn't grow -.-

My mom : -.- Where did you get it from?
Me : Idk, the maid bagi I. At the cupboard thingy, I guesss
My mom : -___- Those ones dh direbus (or masak or whatever ahaha I tktau lol)

Okay, that explained everythaaaang ;) Anyway people, I know you guys have no lives, so like, bukak the form 2 (I think) KH textbook, page 239 :D HEHE. I swear that's the fakest kitty i've ever seen in my whole entire life, lol :p You guys can't deny it, haha. So yeaaah. Oh, i'm so going to fail japanese :( So like, I won't get my motor to rempitzz from Aisyah :P She promised me one if I get an A (Which will never happen).

Oh, did I ever mention I had new tablemates (in class kind of tablemates, lol). Yeah, HAD. But we had to change the places back. Cause some teacher asked us to ask this teacher if we could susun 4 people 4 people liddat. You get me? Prolly not. Nvm then.

Ooooh I went for Disney on ice (LOL AHAHAHAHA) for probably the 8th time in my life (or more -.-) HAHAHAHA yesterday. It was okaaay I guess. I STILL PREFER THE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL ONE, HAHAHAHAHA. And you knooow, I got a Dash mask from the cotton candy. I GOT THREE PULAK TU HAHAHAHA. You guys should be jealous. Especially Hanna. cause I know you love him.

I had 4 hours of cheer today. And 2 hours of ballet, which means I had 6 hours of exercise today :( I feel fit *COUGH* -.- Lol ahaha. And tomorrow I have cheer for 8 hours and ballet too. HAHAHHAA. Very nice riiight. But like, there's hockey too tomorrow! Which meaaans Iqffa's going to be theeeere. And that's a good thing :) Cause I miss her and all my other friends very muuuch. Btw Een and Nik, when are we going to do our english work? -.- Pffftz. Oh, my mommy very lame oneeee

Elyssa : I tktau why my friends suka emo -.-
Me : Hahaha -.- I emo gurlzzzzz *sarcasm
Sofeya : -_-
Us : -___-' lame, haha.

So yeah. That's all for todaaay! I have to sleep now, cheer lol. Byeee
And btw, Tharma asked me to mention his name in here -.- AMIK KAU haha. Menyemak je dalam my blogg, HIHIHI :p

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