Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back when you were there for me,

hello :)
Photo credits to Samantha
Ew ok my legs muscles are scary. Anyway, bak kata Sam, "Who needs ladders when you've got cheerleaders?" LOL hehe. Sabrina was putting up the star for Autism Walk, btw lol.

Anyway, my ballet exam was today ._. I screwed up like, once. Like omgggg -.- Die laaaaa. So yeah. Overall, it was .. okay I guess? :/ I came early *claps. Oh, Sofeya drove me there ._. I SWEAR IT WAS SO SCARY. She was going to hit everyone around her -.- Haha. My mom was very stressed ahhh. She kept on screaming "SLOW DOWN!" or, "GO TO YOUR RIGHT" or, "AAAAHHH D:" -.- Lol, I was laughing at the back while eating my banana -.- Aiyooo haha. In the end, I managed to reach ballet IN ONE PIECE. My mom decided to drive back instead of letting Sofeya do it, cause she was scared she'd die on the way, LOLOL.

Anyway, I went to gym for the first time this month. I was so .. weak, lol. I was so malas the whole day. So yeah. I think I should take a bath now. Byeeee

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