Saturday, April 24, 2010

She can't decide.

hello :)
So, it's 8:57 on a Saturday morning and i'm awake at home? :O Wow. Ikr? Haha. I'm the only one awake now ._. Lol. I'm actually only awake cause I thought there was ballet, so i woke up early, turns out there's no ballet today (Y) Yay. But I still have piano though :/ No cheer, heheee. So yeah. I'm still in my leotard and stuff you know, HAHA so funny lol -.-

Anyway, as mentioned in the post below (HAHA so formal -.-), I had fun in school ;D Cause like we didn't learn anything AT ALL. And i'm serious. We only learnt science, itupun just mark some stuffs which took 20 minutes, lol. Cause we had the photoshoot. I was only in the cheer photo, but I was at the photoshoot for like 3 hours? HEHE. Lazy ah abit to go to class, lulz.

Cikgu A : Karyna, awak dari tadi sampai sekarang di sini. Awak dikira ponteng tau.
Me : -.- Tapi saya masuk kelas tadi, takde orang puuun :(
Cikgu A : *goes away.

Haha, i'm serious. there was no one in class. Everyone was everywhere. Oh oh oh and I got to see Fara, aww I miss herrrr Anyway, I was happy yesterday, yaaaay. Cause we didn't learn lh duuuh -.- Buuuuut, I still had to stayback :( Hahah for cheer lh, what else kan? :p Anyway, while we were taking out the mats,

Pn. A : Eh you girls cannot do your practice here! We have to get things ready for MPPH. No practice lh today. Okay practice you cancel ah today. After MPPH you girls can practice everyday everytime !
Aisha : o_o
Me : *happy ah abit* :D
Aisha : It's okay, we can practice behind the dewan.
Me : *heart sinks* :( Okaaaay.

So yeah. Our very hardcore captain still wanted practice for the Celcom thingy. But we didn't even really practice much.

Everyone : .. -.-
Me : EH, SERIOUSLY LH. Okay, put you r feet in the circle, I count :D

So yeah. WE PLAYED CATCHING CATCHING (lol) Dstarz styyyyleee. And you wanna know how Dstarz style is? Well, apparently it's locking while running while smiling, or else you have to do 5 toetouches, HAHA nice or not? -.- Lol. Obviously my hands couldn't stick to the side, so I had to do the toetoches. face it, i'm gangstaaaa 8) Anyway, practice stunts etc. Suddenly, IT RAINED, :O

So, we decided to rest and talk in the canteen. I had to go home after that, for tuiton :S Ew, it was reallllyyy boring. Went home blablablaaa. The endddd. Okay i know it doesn't sound fun, but whatever lh. Byee

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