Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Way back when we were stupid.

hello :)
Omg look! It's Seri ! And Huda o.o
Okay so people, I am very stressed right now, I have A LOT more folio stuff to be done, and i'm already sleepy, yeeeaaaay, haha. Stupid. I skipped ballet today so i could do it, but well, HAHA no luck. You know, I did like sooooo much folio stuff, suddenly, BOOM (!!), blackout ;_; Wtf I didn't even get to save my stuffs. Luckily my computer autosaved SOME. I repeat, SOME. So like, I had to re-do most of it. Hahaha stress or not, you tell me -,-; So yeah. But it's okay since i'm SOOO *cough* SABAR *cough* and I DO NOT *cough* stress out when something bad happens *cough* ;) HAHAHAHAHA -.-

School was okay today, I guess. Hm, well actually I hate Tuesdays more than I hate Mondays becaaaause, I have japanese, ew. And my bag on Tuesdays is so so so so freaking heavy -.- Lol. So yeah. KH was so boring. My pateri thingy still didn't work. Heh whatever.
Cheer was kewl. Practiced for the Celcom thingy :O Hehe we're cool. So yeah byee

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