Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zombie girl acts like a zombie O:

hello :)
So like hey people. I'm bored. My parents are in Sabah, so like yeah. You know what, all the emo emo useless shit(s) are over now, and yeaaay i'm happy. Haha. And i can't wait for Tuesday, cause it's raptai sukan. And obviously we don't need to learn on a raptai sukan day right ;) So yeah. Hm, sports day is near, and i'm not in anything. I'm only 'teaching' or whatever the blue house cheer. But like, I don't really help cause like, blue house cheer clashes with real cheer. And skipping REAL cheer = death :p I'm serious. Ok I know death is supposed to be red, but like, I already used red in this paragraph, HEHEHE ;p

Anyway, i don't really want sukan to be over , you know. Cause I really like the gallery in the afternoons. You know, with the house cheers and stuff. I mean like, it's really cool. Cause like, in one corner, there'll be house cheer, and in the other corner, there'll be kawad, and at the side there'll be senamrobik, but obviously Dstarz is in the middle <) HEHEHEHE. And like, in the padang it's cool too :D Cause like, there's all the perbarisans and bola jaring, and people practicing their larian and stuffs :) So like yeah. I really like it, HEHE. But after sports day, there'll probably only be cheer. Pffft. So yeah.

Anyway, Autism walk is coming, and most probably, i'm going. I mean like, I have ballet. And that'll be the last class before the exams :S So .. idk if I should skip or what, but whatever lh. I'm going for Autism, hehe. You know, I need to support people with Autism, like Kaeshini (; HEHE. Omg I need an iPhone like a.s.a.p! D: But like i'm sure I won't get it, :( So whateverr.

OMG all my PRS and prefects friends (ew) are in camp! So saaad. (padahal tk sedih langsung) :P Oh! Did I tell you people I slept early for the first time in 7259246 weeks okay :') So happy k. It's not like I get to sleep at 10.00 every night :') So like yezzz. Omh nooo, tomorrow's a Sunday, I HATE SUNDAYS. Well, cause there's tuition. ew, haha.

Oh, Aisyah and I went on a 'spaceship' that day! :D (padahal we were at school sitting on chairs je -.-)

Me : *does spaceship motions*
Aisyah : -.- ?
Me : I'm on a spaceship! Woooooo! Join me!
Aisyah : *'goes on the spaceship'*
Me : Oooooooo! We're crashing! AHHHH D: *'dies'*
Aisyah : .. o_o; so we're dead now?
Me : Yeah! kaeshini's supposed to save us -.-
Kaeshini : -___- lame lh you two.

So yeaaah. Yaaay we felt like astronauts :') (is that how you spell it? cause my spelling saaakzz). Oh, and Puan Puteri said there's a hari k this year! ;D Yaaay. I love Hari K. Makes me happy. And I like being happy. Hekhekz. Bye people!

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