Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here's a llama :D

hello :)
So, I have tuition in 23 more minutes. Yes yes, I know. Every single time I blog, I have tuition riiight? Well yeah. My life is so sad. Fml :(

Hm, anyway, I watched Shrek yesterday. I swear Puss is the 2nd most cutest thing on earth ! :D Hehehee. So yeaah. hahaha exams are in 4 days. Honestly I didn't study yet D: Ugh die lh. But hehehe I won't be taking geography, pjk, kh and other shits. Happy ah abit.

Oh, Adha dared me to sleep without lights on Friday. And guess whaaat? I DID HAHAHAHAHAHA. So scary :@ But i survived (Y). I'm addicted to the llama song, thanks to Dibo. HAHAHAHA it's so stupid. Go Youtube it :p Okokokokok lame lame laaame -.- Hm, bye lh. I won't go online tau tau tau till next week. Bye!

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night
sky are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now,
Like seriously.

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