Saturday, May 15, 2010

The world stuck in black and white.

hello :)
So, this week has been cool. Today was coooooler (Y) It was very berdrama, sumpah scary gilaaa. So many teachers cried, iqffa cried too /: Omg.

Dear teachers,
We all love you soooooooo much k, don't lh emo emo :( Sorry for everything, and Happy Teachers Day in advance :(

So yeah. So sad. Oh, we had a second voice out session, but this one was actually just a very touching (lulz) ceramah. Puan Alainal didn't come, cause she was emo-ing in her office D: D: D: Omg I swear everyone felt very guilty. Hm. So you know what? 3 fasih decided to say sorry to all the teachers. We made a biiiiiiiiig giant card for all the teachers, and another giant one for Puan Alainal, in 10 minutes, hihihi. Anddd, we even rehearsed what we wanted to say to the teachers, k! We said ;

"Hi teachers. We are very sorry for everything. We hope to celebrate teachers day with you.
Looove, 3 fasih *shows the heart sign*" :)

So yeah. We went to the teachers room, and said that (yes, we had to hafal it :p). Sadly, the teachers just gave their -.- face :'( We were all like "WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!". But its okaay. It was our fault anyway :( Theeeen, we went to the canteen and said that again, this time the teachers gave more positive reactions k (Y) :p They were all like :) *smiley faces*. HEHE. So that was better. After that, we just resumed to our normal lives. Went to tuition after that. Went back, bought bubble tea, om nom nom. K that's all.

Omg you know what? I miss fara hihihi. She went back. Anywaaay,

Me : Oh, I brought salmon today
Fara : What's salmon? o.o
Me : -_____-
Amanda : *explains

So yeah, since she was soooo smart and didn't know what salmon was, Amanda made her a song :p It's sooo lame. But whatever.

"When I was 13, I had my first salmon.
There was nobody that could compare to my fishy,
No one could come between us could ever come above,
It had me going craaaazy,
Oh I was fishstuck, It woke me up daily,
Don't need no ikan merah (inside jokeee :p),
It made my heart pound,
I skipped a beat when I saw it on my plate,
And, at school in the canteen,
But i really wanna eat it in the canteen.
It knows it got me dazing,
Cause it is so amaaaazing,
And now my heart is breaking,
But i just keep on saying SALMON, SALMON, SALMON OHHHH ~"

Ok I know, so lame :p Anyway, I noticed my class really loves pink. Hehehe So yeaaah. Anyway, I asked Pn. Mages if she liked Miley Cyrus :9

Me : TEAAAACHEEER, do you like Miley cyrus?
teacher : -.- no, who's she? -.-
Me : :( *shows a picture of her in my book*
teacher : Aiyoo. So ugly -.-
Me : WHAAAAAAT?! -.- ee k fiiiiiiine :(

Ok so sad lol. So yeah byeee And, starting from this post, imma put random facts about me :D

Random fact #1 ;
I'm scared of the dark. I sleep with a nightlight, yeaaah (Y) :p

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