Sunday, June 27, 2010

790th post, bitch.

hello :)
So like, i'm gonna make this a reaaaaaal post k, after how long of not posting any real posts :) But like, i'm so sleepy cause I woke up early for cheer today. Hm, speaking of cheer, I have a very important thing to saaaay about it :/ But haih, we'll save that for .. later, perhaps? Anyway, let's see, this week has been quite good, actually :)

The singaporeans came, and I swear I love them , especially Nisa and Sabrina Pink! :D I wasn't that close to Farah .. so yeaaah. Hm, they came for like, 3 days je :( And on the second day, kaeshini, Zalikha, the three of them and I went to Times Square and Pavillion to go shopping ~ :D Hehehehe. It was fun, I guess? HAHAHA. But there was nothing to buy in TS.

In Kaeshini's house ;
Sabrina : *chews* Do I eat loud? :o
Farah : -.- Yeaaah. The whole world can hear you -_-
Sabrina : o.o really? I thought only I can hear.
Farah : -__- Nooooooo. Try closing your mouth while chewing -.-
Sabrina : I caaaan't D: Otherwise i'd bite my tongue :/ *tries*
Farah : HA! There! Can whaaaaaaaaat :p
Sabrina : Susahlaaa. *chews with mouth open* :D

HAHAHAHA. Pssssssht, bimbo :p Oh, did you know that everything of Sabrina's pink? O: Even her phone's pink k ahahaha.

Hm, what else? Oh yeah, my friends are in kem perdana :O Aw, I miss theeeeeeem But they balik tomorrow, hehehe. Speaking of kem perdana, there was a kem perdana meeting tau on Thursday, on it was during our agama. So,

Jaja : Eh, it's 11, jom Nik pergi the meeting.
Nik : Jom jom.
Me : :(
Jaja : haha, jom karyna!

So like, I skipped agama and followed them. I had to be smart and tried to 'blend in' with the other bersemangat unit beruniform-ians k! :P HAHAHA it was so hard. I even took the checklist and whatnot -___- YOU KNOW, I STILL HAVE IT. IT'S SOMEWHERE ON MY TABLE -.- HAHAHAHAHA lifeless I tell you. So yeah. Didchu know there's such thing as a 'cat sanitation mehod'? HAHAHAHA me neither :-P Lol. Anyway, my face was damn cuak when they called peoples names cause I was scared they'd be like "EH GIRL OVER THERE, CIKGU TK PANGGIL PUN NAMA KAMU! KENAPA KAMU ADA DI SINI?!?!?!" D: Hahaha bodoh. But they didn't lh. So yeah. Damn funny k. After that, Pik Leng texted me ; "Eh you going fr kem perdana ?" -.- LAWWWWWWWLLLLLLLL. -.-

Anyway, yesterday was a fun day too ! :) Cause Jaja, Davina and I walked around the school, during math asking for peoples numbers xD HAHAHAHAHA.

Davina : Heeeeeey, can I have your number? :Y
Girl : O_O *walks away.

HAHAHAHAHA You should've seen her expression on her face :p yeah, I had to do it too. So funny k. But I said it to a senior. And i'm scared of seniors :( Hence, I said it softly. HEHEHE. But Jaja cheated, stupiiid girl. She asked for Adha's number -__- And that doesn't count AT ALL k -.- Pffffffft. Haha, speaking of Adha, I won for our 'who-can-sleep-the-latest' contest O:-) HEHEHEE I didn't cheat k! And btw, Sunday malam rematch k? >D

Oh oh oh I feel like the class stationary supplier k! ;P HAHAHA. Just sayiiiiiiiin'. Hehehe, so yeah. Gaaaaah i'm sleeepy. Most prolly going to +wondermilk with the tablemates tomorrow :-) That is IF I wake up :) hehehe. Okay bye!

Oh and btw, Sofeya's gone already :) Pity her.

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