Friday, June 18, 2010

Helo dainoso! Dis iz yo karangan hehe

hello :)
So, I wrote a karangan for Adha in BM okay! :D You wanna know whyyyy? Well, read this ; And for you people who do not know anything about facebook, you read it from down to up :) k k k hahaha.

That basically means, I promised to write a karangan :) EHEHEHEHE. And so, last night at like, 1 something, I took out my Hannah Montana notebook (HEHEHEHE) and my pens whatever shit, and woooooooooooooooooooooo i made the karangan. I finally finished it at like, 2:48am :D
And, if you wanna read, click on it kaaay? :)

YES, 767 WORDS. And please don't kutuk kutuk my BM okay :( I almost got a D for it so shut up. And HEHEHE setupeed kerezi ful, you better be happy ! :)


And if you can't read the last one, cause the scanner cacat ehhehe, read this ; :D

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