Friday, June 18, 2010


hello :)
SO HI PEOPLE, as you all know, we're starting school in 3 more days! Wooo i'm so not excited :( I know, I should be happy to see my friends and all, but honestly, these holidays didn't seem like a holiday at all :( Hahaha seriously. Anyway, since school's starting, OBVIOUSLY everyone at least .. tried to start on their homework right? WELL I DID TOO HEHEHEHE and yes, I recorded what happened.

But first, meet my cat puppet I bought in hamleys, aaand my sejarah notes! :D There's a domo on it, yeaaaaaaay~

And look at the bawah part, WOOO. I know, it says 2 Hormat right? Well, that's because my teacher asked us to use last years book :S AND WOOO, THERE'S ANOTHER DOMO~ :D And you see the P.S.O.D (!) thing? Well, that was an inside joke last year :-(
OKAY, SO, THIS WAS WHEN I WAS GOING TO START ON MY HOMEWORK, WOOOO. And like, my stuff was like this for about .. 1 hour ++ :p No, I didn't open my book or anything, hehehehe. I decided to do other things that would make my life better. Like going online. HAHA
AND WOOOOOOOOOOOOO AFTER DOING 4 LINES OF NOTES, KARYNA DECIDED TO CAMWHORE WITH HER PUPPET ~~~~~~~~ :D And no, I haven't finished my notes yet. Still at the 4th line, tqvm (:
So yeah. I thing I suffer from A.D.D LOL jk i don't.

Anyway, enough about the homework stuff. I have so much more to do )': Let's talk about cheer. :B Well, yesterday the 8tv people came to shoot us. You know for the cheer thingy on tv? Well yeah. I just injured twice, and hmmmmmm it still hurts. But well, cheer = injuries, so I honestly do not mind :-) Meetra fell on my nose till it felt so flat, HAHAHA and well .. it was bleeding like alot, hahaha. But obviously it stopped lh in the end. Haha. And after that, Meetra fell on the tepi of my eye :) And guess what? I terkoyak (?) or something a nerve (?) or something. Yeah, it bengkak, HAHAHHAA. Well that's what my coach said :) The same thing happened to Lilo, but hers became blue! O: So, I guess that's scarier.

I really love my stunt group :)

Anyway, did I ever tell you how weird my cheer friends are?

Aisha : GIIIIIIIIRLS, let's start our practice. Take off your pants now! WHY ARE YOU WEARING YOUR PANTS?! Take your pants off!!!11!! 11 :@
Us : .. uh ok.

By that, she meant "Take your pants off if you're wearing your spankies". But the way she said it made it sound so .. wrong. HAHAHAHA. Oh oh and,

Adilla : You know, my mom sayang sangat dekat my hair. So masatu when I cut it, she kept my hair.
Hanna & I : O_______O WHAT HAHAHAHA
Adilla : Really lh : D And i shampoo it everyday :D
Me : O_O UHH.

So yeah. Hahahaha stupid fools :)

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