Wednesday, June 2, 2010


hello :)
So, guess who's birthday was it yesterday? Adhaaaaaa's :D hehehe. So like, I know I wished you on my blog earlier, but that post was the 'omg-i-need-to-study-right-now-because-i-have-sejarah-and-agama-tomorrow' kind of post ;D Haha, so now, for a real post ;
Yes yes, you know I love you, hehe. So let's see,

I knew Adha this year, from KP. HEHEHE as if I pernah pergi kan? -.- Ok fine, wrong. I knew her last year from the KP AGM where she became president. Omg I know, polis?! So scary HAHAHA ok not -.- She's not scary at all -.- HAHA! But I never went for any KP meetings or whatever after that, so er .. let's skip that shall we, HEHE.

Anyway, I only got closer to her like, 1 month ago, I think, hahah! But it was because of this 'issue' (bahaha) to do with her sister / my beeeest friend (; Haha so yeah. I miss chatting with her :( Aww. We used to talk about 'vrooom' *keningkening :Y and useless stuffs that were very un - useless.

Anyway, i'm happy I was the FIRST to officially wish her (; Yes, I called her at 11.57, and by 12.00am, I wished her. That way, no one else can wish her on time kan? >D HEHEHE smart or not? veryyy, I know. So yeah, anyway, I was also the LAST to wish her too :') I called her at 11.57, and wish her the laaaaast official happy birthday at 11.59, HEHEHEHE

Moving on, thanks for being such a niiiiiiiice friend Thanks for making my days less boring Thanks for being the one who's always there for me, eventhough I wake you up while you're sleeping cause i'm sick of studies The most 'koool' one The most innocent oneee ;) The sweetest one, haha The smartest one -.- hehe. You're just like alllll my other friends, super duper awesome :) Hehe, so yeah. Once again,

Happy Birthday! :D

Wow, you're old now. Can drive already ahh ;p Ask Zahin to teach you, HAHAHHA. I'll miss you grrrrrrrrl ~ :) Wait, wow. This post has so much heart shapes, aww.
Omg wtf Justin Bieber sounds like a girl in this song -.-
Ze macho teramat sangat macho ninja 8D

Vroom vroom :P

My favourite picture ~ hehehee

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