Saturday, August 21, 2010

Are you catching my drift yet?

hello :)
So, first of all,
Wtf is your problem? -.-

You say something mean to my face, you don't even realise what you say pissed me off. One day later, you apologize and promise to never do that again. I say okay. A week later, you do the exact same thing to me. You say sorry agaaaaaain, I walk off.

So, yesterday, I decided to be nice. You were nice to me till .. I started acting normal. You know, the not emo kind of normal? Yeah, that. Then, you started acting like !@#$%^&* -,- Wtf, you scratched my leg with your mechanical pencil for fun? Ugh, do it to your own self lh omgggg. And like, jsyk, it bengkak k, thanks. Nik thought my cat scratched me. And now my leg is so ugly, because of the scratch. HAHAHA lol you can't even see it anymore, but heh to me it's still cacat :( Eee, and after that, you kept on saying stuff that pissed me off even more, like whaaat -_- And then boleh pulak en nk bersarcastic sarcastic -.- Pffft.

I'm sorry lh, I know you're my best friend and everything, and you know I never ever hated you or whatever, but like, don't need to buat camni right -_- Hahaha yes yes I still love you but like !@#$%^ -,- heh. Pfft tolonglah, as if you tau jaga hati orang kan.

"Karyna pleaaaaaaase, i'm sorry!"
HAHA, as if those words even mean a thing anymore riiight? Sooner or later, you're just gonna keep on doing those things. So like, just keep those words to yourself till you really mean it. And that'll be till like , forever? Haha. So yeah.

Actually I just wanna ask you to respect people. Try lh at least. OMG HAHAHAHA I'M SUCH A HYPOCRITICAL BITCH HAHAHAHAHA. Ok stfu I know I don't respect people either .. but dotdotdot. OK lol nvm, we'll skip that part. But no, seriously. And oh yeah, one more thing, ___ , okay? :)

Ok bye, love you!

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