Saturday, August 14, 2010

Never Let You Go, :)

hello :)
So, I was reading my oooolllllddddd posts, and HAHAHAHA I kinda, KINDA miss the days I used to update my blog like, every single day (': And now, yeaaaaay! I'm gonna TRY to make this post as long as possible? Ok? Ok! :D

So liiiike, i'm currently in my grandma's house, connection here is like zzz what only -_- I buka puasa-ed with my familyyyyyyy~ awww, hahaha tk sweet pun. So yeah. Ugh, life has been .. life :/ Studying everyday like omg -_- Ye lh, dh nk PMR kan, kena rajin abit, HEHEHEHE. 54 more days to freedom yawww ;D HAHAHAHA ok EW SO GELI K I CKP YAWWW :P HAHAHAHA eee -_- But yeah seriously :') I even already made a checklist of what to do after PMR and stuff, one of them includes Kem Tahan Lasak ;) Hell to the yeeeesssssss, there's gonna be another one this year ; but a cooler version, no more 74659734852 ceramahs! Yeaaaaaay! Ok omg wtf since when did I even like Kem Tahan Lasak -.- w/e. Hahaha.

Moving on, I never blogged about this, did I? But well like, my darling kampung girls made a surprise party / picnic for me tau in Taman Aman, so sweeeeeeet :') I was so terharu and touched. Like awwwwwwww, hehe. I ALMOST couldn't go tau, but this one bersemangated bestfriend of minemaaaade me go, so like yeah heheheLike awww. Pictures on Facebook ; I look like shit, YEAY! ;D Or maybe i'll post them up in the next post (?), lol idk ikut my kemalasan, heeheeeee :p

Anywaaay, wow, let's talk about schooool ;) Hm, school has been okay, I guess. Not much of learning / ulangkaji. Basically sitting in class and stuff (Y), haha. And as usual, lot's of gossips about stuff :D HEHEHE. Best part about school fo sho. OH YEAH HAHAHA AISYAH, AYU AND I DID NASYID IN CLASS :D With dance moves somemore k, ehehe. Yep yeeepzz no life, haha. We even showed it to some teachers, they were all like dotdotdot -__-, pffffft haha. So yeah. Omg I really do not know what to blog about, haha :p OH OH OH SUPRA'S.

Like seriously, ughhhhhh.

OMG I JUST HEARD A FROG O_O But it came from outside, so whatever, hehehe. Uhhh .. bye je lh, I am so bored donno what to write already, hahaha.

You're the apple to my pie,
You're the straw to my berry.
Hehehe :) Bye!

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