Thursday, September 9, 2010


I WANT TO DIE. UPLOADING A STUPID PHOTO ON BLOGGER ALSO WANT TO TAKE ALL DAY ISIT? :@ Ok go die stupid internet, I know lh you're pms-ing rn, but don't be too harsh on me. OKAY YAY YAY YAY I SERIOUSLY NEED TO STUDY :/ Why can't my brain masukkan anything already haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? :'( ok i'm sad.

Anyway, hi blogger! :B hehehe i'm bored. Lol. So like yeah. Omg, raya is like, on, Friday O: And my dad ain't even here yet -_- he's coming tomorrow, lolol. So yeah. There's nothing to do heeeere, and i'm serious. You know what, another 4 more weeks till PMR. And I hate the fact that everyone's so bersungguh - sungguh in studying etc .. except for me D': Ok lol that's sad.

And omg my hair is being so cacat rn. Like omg seriously. I want to cry. LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA jk. Ok not funny. Omg I want my GCB D: The last time I went to McD, gcb was 'temporarily out of stock', like wtf is that supposed to mean?!?!? D: I mean, duuu-uuuh I know what it means, but HOW CAN THEY FREAKING RUN OUT OF FOOD THERE? D: Ugh. Not my fault k i'm craving for it. It's this certain someone's fault who made me crave for it. So sad.

And omg, Hanna is the lamest girl ever, I swear, hehehe

Texting ;
Hanna : blablabla, Did you main mercun? Hilang tangan karang! Berhati - hati .. di jalan raya xD blablabla.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA so lame :'D I bet you people don't find it funny, amusing or whatever, BUT I KNOW I DO. :-D EHEHEHE. And i'm the one that matters here, ok, hehehe. So yeah. Anyway, 2 months passed by quickly, didn't it? :-) Hmm, hehe.

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