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9/11/10 :-)

hello :)
So, I just got back from ballet and it was very tiring but okay, not that bad. Pointe was bad lah obviously, duuh. Anyway, I decided to blog about, THE SLEEPOVER IN SCHOOL (!!!!) Yeaaaaaay~ *clapclapclap* :D

You guys must be wondering (or not -_-) why we sleptover in school. Wellllllllllllllll, that's cause we're cool! :'D HEHEHE Lol no actually cause we were so semangated to go for this Kem Jati Diri :P LOL YAAY! So like at 7.45pm yesterday, Azraa, Hanna, Mira, Seri, Aqila and I went to school, kumpul-ed in the bilik kaunseling, hihihiii. There were some other girls there too, lol. So yeah. Oh and did I mention that Azraa & I brought too many bags? Hahaha.

Person : Ni nak pindah ke apa ni?
Me : -_- 

So yeah, I mean it's not my fault okay I have to bring alot of stuff, HAHA. So like yeah ~ Hanna forgot to bring her bantal and sleeping bag! Yeay smart girl :') But it's okay cause sharing is caring! Lol. So let's see what happened LOL.

Ok so first, we went NIGHTWALKING haahahahhaha I swear it was so lame, yet so cute at the same time We night walked around the school. First, we went behind the toilet, next to the surau, you know that place? Lol. So before going there, we did a head count ;

Teacher : Ok kira berapa orang ada.
Everyone : *counts* 22!
Teacher : Okay, 22 yaaaaa?

So yeah we went there, tralalalalaaaaaaaaa ~

Teacher : Di sini laluan banyak flasher ..
Us : ._. ok.

So yeah, after that I guess teacher did not know where to bring us .. so she brought us too *drumrolls please* THE TENNIS COURT! Yaaaaay! Y^^Y Haha so cute. We all sat there and she told us stories about the school and stuff, it was fun hee. So yeah, then we went to the padang HAHA. We sat down, and teacher told us stories again, more like cerita hantu, but it wasn't that scary :p hihi oh wait maybe it was, but you know me .. so macho riiiight .. HEHEHEHE :'D After the story - telling (hihi) we had a pizza partaaay! In the school field! Hehe, it was fun and Azraa wet her pants .. literally D: HAHA, no she did not pee in her pants, but that is what the whole Twitter world (?!) thinks lah HAHA. She just .. spilled water on her pants, haha that crazy nut Oh and there was a frog, so scary! Haha.

After eating, teacher said that we were going night trekking (LOL) (Yes, again) in .. TAMAN AMAN hahaha. We were all like HAHAHA cerealsly?! And you know me right, scared of the dark and stuff, I was scared -.- HAHA but whateverrrr I tabahkan-ed diri and went, hihi. But before thaaaat, we did a second headcount ;-)

Teacher : Ok, kira balik berapa orang ada.
Everyone : *counts* 
Someone : 23! D:

HAHAHAHAHA omg I tell you that part was freaking funny. Even anak cikgu, the 7 year old one was screaming :'D HAHA #epicmoment LOL :P And till now .. where the extra 1 person came from is a mystery :Y HIHI. So anyways, we walked to Taman Aman, HAHA. Azraa was my partner! I was scared, lol. And you know, since the name of this activity is night trekking, you might expect us to go like, deep into Taman Aman merintangi (?) sungai or something, but guess where we went?!

hahaha i'm serious ._. Lol, exercising in jammies, biasa broooooooo 8) So yeah then we went back -_- HAHA so lame. We went straight to the hall to watch movies! Yay, we wanted to watch scary movies, but the only ones there were were The Orphan and Jennifer's Body and nobody wanted to watch those :o So, we ended up watching My Name Is Khan :-) Buuuut sadly, there were no subtitles and no one could understand what they were saying -,- lol. So we watched this other movie about a dog? HAHA I forgot the name but I remember it starts with a H ;D I watched the starting and after an hour .. basically the whole hall fell asleep excluding Hanna, Aqila and teacher :p LOL. Oh and did I mention that we were lying down on the stage of the school hall?! :') Hehehe, I bet none of you has ever slept on the stage there right? Hee. It was very uncomfortable and hot but fun at the same time. I guess I gained like, an extra 3kg that night eating all the Yuppi and stuffs, hihiiiii :3

So after the movie, Hanna woke us up and we all went to the Bilik kaunseling to sleep. Ah, you guys prolly thought we had to sleep in some stuffy lame dirty place huh? But nooo, the aircond was on, and it was very very very cold :/ HAHA. But luckily Hanna G brought her blanket, aww. So yeah. So I slept in between Mira and Hanna and UMMM I TELL YOUUUU, so hard to get some peace, HAHA :P Cause when I looked to my right, BOOM got Mira's face. Look to my left, WOW Hanna's face damn hot. Look to my right again, suddenly got Mira's ketiak -_- HAHAHA hhhhhhhhh what is my life :p HAHA but I did fall asleep lah in the end, hee.

So I woke up in school ._. Note to self ; NEVER EVER WAKE UP IN SCHOOL -_- haha. So yeah, woke up at 7 something, and for the first time, I wasn't like gelabah or anything caaaause I wouldn't be late for school cause I was already IN school :'D HEHEHE. So yeah. I only woke up cause teacher was like "Banguuuuuuuuuuun cepat banguuun!" :( Mira and I were the last ones to wake up, no surprise. We quickly gosok gigi and went down, makan blablabla.

After that we played the games, best gilaaa this catching catching game, hihi. Then, Qeel, Hanna, Azraa, Mira, and I were hot, and Qeel gave this brilliant idea! :D She was like "Hey jom mandi kat padang, I can be the elephant spray water using the hose to you guys!" And we were all like "OMG OKAY :D" So yeah, we asked teacher ;

Teacher : o_o 
Me : :( Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase?
Teacher : o_o okokokokok
Me : Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaay!

So yeah, we were happy children :') So we started searching for a hose .. NO FREAKING LUCK !! HAHAHAHAHA then we became sad children, aww haha. So yeah. Suddenly, someone (I forgot who) got a brilliant idea :B She was like "Jom mandi kat toilet lh instead!" :D So THAT'S WHAT WE DID! We stripped (lol not exactly) hehehe. Mira, Azraa and I took of our seluar but ooh Hanna decided to take her tshirt off *winkwink HAHAHA Lol :p And yeaaah 4 people in a tiny shower place hihihi. It was the gallery toilet, btw ew :p HAHAHA. I mean sure it was .. creek creek abit sebab it was the school toilet ._. but HAHAHA with friends like them, you'll forget you're even in school :p

It was fun you know, shampoo-ing our hair with 'shampoo', mixing soaps together and stuff :3 hihi. We even blew bubbles together, haha who're the cool kids now, huh?! Hehe. So yeah epic 5 moments and such ah I miss it already lol. After that, we changed into our baju kurungs and camwhored! Omg, there's a whole album of us in 'turbans' (towels on our heads), and that album just made my night :') It was so funny haha. So yeah.

Hanna : In a few years time, we're gonna be like, hey you remember the time we bathed in the school's toilet? :')
Us : HEHE awwwwwwww

So yeah. In conclusion today was awesome ! (Y) (minus the face that i'm not okay with my bestfriend yet :/) hehehe so yeah byebye ♥ 

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