Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh Well.

Why is everyone leaving me next year? :-(
Sad Karyna is sad.

hello :)
So, today was Sri Aman's Eco Carnival, hehe. I promised Adha I would be there at 11.00, but sadly, I woke up at 11.00, lol. So yeah, woke up, took a bath etc, practiced piano -.- and then my mom came. She sent me to school and she went for my sisters open day, lol. Suddenly out of nowhere, Adha appeared! HAHAHA wow so scary haha no, actually .. so yeah. Walked around, it was super boring, I tell you. Hot hot hot hot sweaty. And there was nothing to do, i'm serious .__. Bubble tea also the bubbles finished, HAHAHA so good right haha I know I know. Why is my english so cacat ah these days?! Ok lol sad abiiiit ..

Anyway blablabla we walked. Oh yeah haha there was this part when I hit Asilah tau HAHA,

Me : *Hits Asilah*
Asilah : Ouuuuuch! *Hits me back* OOPS SORRY! 

I mean like, she's too nice, she hit me on purpose and then nak cakap sorry lah? Haha what a good girl, hee. Oh and Adha & I watched this rap konon gangster thingy, hahaha so funny I tell you, wanted to faint on the spot, HEHE but obviously I didn't cause like I couldn't so yeah. Hmm we walked around and stuff, I tell youuuuu, there was no one, I repeat NO ONE there! Ok fine, got lh some people, but seriously sikit onlyyy, haih what a good school i'm in hehe So yeah. My semangated friends all came, haha n00bs :p

After that, Adha & I got super bored of walking around and doing nothing, we went to Taman Aman, sat on swings, but there was only 1 normal swing -_- The other one was the baby swing, you know the one yang ada 2 lubang? HAHA yeah that one, and obviously which fat girl like me can fit in it? Hahah so yeah, so sad. Adha kept on forcing me to let her take a photo of me on it :/ Meanie! But I didn't let her lah teehee. Blablabla it was fun eventhough we didn't do anything, hehe. I'm really gonna miss her when she goes out of school :-( I'll miss meeting her after school, i'll miss eating Rocky with her after school, i'll miss bitching about people while she just stares and nods, i'll miss laughing at people with her, i'll miss talking about our 'best friends' and laughing at them, i'll miss bitching about juniors and stuff with her,  i'll miss .. EVERYTHING lah :( Heeehhh. But anyway, it's not like we can't see each other ever again right? hihi.

Ok anyway, theeeen we went back to school, being bored. Suddenly Anis came, alskdjfhasdjf awkward turtle moment .. laskdjfhlsdjk. Adha + Anis = HOW ABOUT NO?! So yeah you get me. Then, Anis went away with her sister and Adha & I waited for her grandpa, hihi :') Then he came, said byebye. Went to the padang with Aisyah to meet up with friends, chatted for abit and went to Taman Aman again with Syaza, haha. Met up with Ameerah and walked there hahaha. Anis was in Taman Aman, talked, walked around, and sent Syaza back, went back to Taman Aman talked and walked (HAHAHA so bosan). And then went back to school, bought water cause I was thirsty and went back to Taman Aman (-___- haih) walked and talked. And ohmygooooooooooooddddd I tell you some form 2's are so annoying ok. Like whaaat, ingat lepak tepi tasik tu cool sangat en? Pastu nak pandang slaaaaaaack pulak alskdfhasdkj go die please. Wait no, go back to where you belong, Kampung Indah or something aldjsfhsd. So yeah. And then my mommy came and fetched me, went back, wooo ~ :D

So yeah that's it, I liked today very very very very veryyyyy much :-) Hihi. I miss Adha already looool. Ok byebye!

Infect with your love,
And fill me with your poison.

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