Wednesday, December 8, 2010


hello :)
So, like as I promised i'm going to blog about Singapore with Hanna, Qeel, Azraa, Huda and Qeel's mom. So like yeah. Hehehe. Oh shit wait, tetiba je malas. Ok fine idek what to blog about cause like there's not much to like write about, yknw. Hehehe. Oh ok anyway let's talk about the cool toilet LOL HAHAHAHA /dies. Ok sorry but that toilet made us very jakun-ed, hm maybe only Hanna kot yang jakun (HE HE HE) but still, imma blog about it anyway, so hi! Meet Karyna and the toilet! :D
HEHEHE Oh God I feel so lame now. So anyway, the cool toilet is very cool. It has alot of cool things but i'm too lazy to blog about it, infact I really want to end my post right now, but if I do, I don't have anything else to do, so I might as well just update my blog.. lol.

So anyway, some of you may know my cacat friend, Qeel. Well, this is her :-) And she is in the disabled people toilet (?) Lol sorry idk what you call it, hehehe. So yeah. Doesn't she just look cool? Hahahha.
Omg you know what, I can't believe I just spent my time blogging about ..... TOILETS LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL ASDFGHJKL ha'ah budak habis pmr kan takde liiiife ~ Lol whatever. Ok I shouldn't be blogging about toilets anymore, so now let me blog about the uber cool escalator ! It's super long, like woohoo OMG ASAL JAKUN SANGAT NI UGH. Ok so lol let me show you the looong escalator 8D
So yeah, cool right. And look at Hanna's face! It's so epic lol. Ok i'm bored already. Will blog more later, or tomorrow. Or next month. Hehehhe. Oh gosh, 20 more days till pmr results. Hoping for the best :S
Pray for me aite lol hehehehhehe goodbye!

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