Saturday, January 1, 2011


hello :)

So hiiii long time no blog, lol. I think? So yeah lol. This photo was stolen from Farah's facebook without her permission :( Sorry and thanks! hihihiii. Mhmm oh oh about this photo lol, it was during laser tag! :D I looove laser tag!!!!! hehehe seriouslyyy it's so fun like omg haha. You people should try, hehe. At Mid Valley. It's like this dark room and you've gotta run around and laser people >:D Hehe. And duuh people laser you too but omg omg omg I can play that all day all night :') And wowowww can exercise i tell youuu ~ hahaha penat k.

So yeah. Anyway school is starting in 2 days and boo you people who already finished school ! :( Hmph. So yeah. Oh yeah did I tell you that yesterday, Adha, Nysa ,Mosher (LOL) & I went to Bangsar South to melawat Asilah working in Scret Recipe damn funny I tell you, AHAHA. Tangan menggeletar ok nak kasi makanan kat orang :') Hihihi. So yeah i'm bored... and unhealthy. Oh well, gym is starting on Monday, followed by cheer on Tuesday :O Wow, first 2 days of school stayback already .. not bad eh -_- hahaha.

Mhmm i'm bored. Oh wait my sister so annoying.
Me : Blablabla mutton blablabla.
Sister : I bet you don't even know what mutton is.
Me : -_____- duuuh I know it's kambing, stupiiiiid.
Sister : NOOOOOOO it's goat! 
Me : Kambing IS goat. Ee bodoh lah you.
Sister : *muka malu* -_- 

Ok goodbyee

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