Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello again!

hello :)
So, it's been almost a year since I last updated my blog. Yeah lol I do miss blogging but I haven't had the time to do so .......(ceh padahal lazy hahahaha). Basically nothing much has happened or changed since like, forever. Except for the fact that the cheer season 11/12 has ended and yes, that was my final year in d*starz.  Haih definitely gonna everything about d*starz, from the coaches, to my teammates......(and yes even the strengthwork) (wait no especially the strengthwork) (i'm a potato now hahahahaha). So yeah ok idk what to blog about so I shall blog about my journey of life (ceh no actually my cheer journey or whatever you call it i dont care).

I was in form 1 when I first started cheerleading. I honestly didn't want to join, AT ALL. Mainly because I was scared, I mean it looked scary ok yknw.. just cheering with those seniors and stuff. Hahaha. Also cause I didn't know anything about cheer back in form 1, lol. So yeah anyway back to my point, my mom forced me to join. If it wasn't for her, i'd probably in like the badminton club or something hahaha (I mean like no offence cause badminton is a really cool sport). At first I was like AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH NO WAY but yeah lol obviously mothers know best and I enjoyed myself. Like, alot. I dragged Aisyah into it and tadaaaaaa we were in b*starz! :D woohoo (no, we didn't join d*starz cause the seniors were waaaaay scarier than the ones in b*starz). We went for practices and we were both flyers. Well obviously the stunts we did were the simple junior teams kinda stunts but whatever man it was still cool back then :p heh. We competed in cheer 2008 and I don't even know what placing we got.. but it doesn't matter so here is a cute photo of Aisyah and I back when we were 13 ! 

Moving on, in 2009, Pn. Chris decided to bubarkan b*starz and have only d*starz. As usual (hahaha), I was scared to join. I didn't really like the idea of cheering with seniors 3 years older than me and stuff. (#karynaprobz), so I decided to quit......and then I decided to join :D woohoo hahahahahaha no lah I actually meant I decided to try out for d*starz anyway. I knew I wasn't good and I expected myself to not get in the team (80% of them were seniors man, what do you expect), but somehow I did. I was shocked but whatever. Since I was fat, I became a backspot for Sobana, Mag and Hanna. Hehe. I wasn't really close to anyone in the team back then except for maybe Izaz and Eli but it was still a good year for me! Lol, d*starz did okay.. I think we got top 15 lololololol but oh well. And here is another photo of me in 2009 with Syairah :) (I miss youuuuu) (and yes I look so so so weird hahahahahhaha shut up)

Woooo we even performed for Nicol David hahahaha

Ah, 2010. Such a memorable and unforgettable year. Both in a good and bad way. Joined the team and Coach Chee Wei started coaching us. In the middle of June, my family and I went to London for a holiday and that was the worst.mistake.ever. Those 2 weeks without cheer gave the reserve in my team a chance to take over my place and basically kick me outta the team wow. When I got back, I kinda figured it out myself and I swear I hated going for practices after that. Just imagine, watching your teammates tired to death after performing their full routine while you just suzie by the side. Trust me, it was the worst feeling ever. I know this sounds mean but I really wished that girl who took over my place actually died.....LOL. Practices (to me) were sad, when the season was finally over, I was happy. It was a new start for me, and it was time to prove coach I was better (much much much better) than that..girl lol. (shit hahaha I sound so mean). Dstarz managed to get 5th in Cheer Nationals and champions for SOX. Yes I was happy, but obviously it just didn't feel right, not being able to perform for the first time.  

5th place, best make up, best showmanship.
beeeeest friend of 10 years

In 2011, most of the seniors left. D*starz consisted of basically...juniors and a few seniors. Lissa was elected as the captain and I was the co-captain. It was a new experience for me, handling a team of 20 people. We bonded well and for me, this was the first time d*starz felt like..a family. I mean we didn't have that whole senior junior thing, everyone mixed well with each other and we loooooooved everyone aww so sweet. We only managed to rank 8th in nationals, but that was actually quite good considering there were only three seniors from the year before. We also got the best make up, lol.

And then, 2012 came. Honestly the bestestetsetstestetsetettsetstststststtststst year of my cheer life, ever! hehe so special I shall put it in a separate blog post later hehehehe (lazy). Ok that's all for now hehehehhahahaha gooooooodbye

P/S : And to all of you people who wanna try cheerleading but are too scared cause """you can't do a split""", just join lol. You join to learn, it's not just a sport, it's a passion (;

Adios! ♥ x

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