Friday, May 10, 2013


It's already May which means i'll be starting college soon. Lol. Yes I know i've been doing nothing since SPM ended but fuck everyone I don't wanna learn HAHAHAHA (lazy ass probz haih). April has been lovely, spent it with my favourite people. 

Clingy would be an understatement, meet Martin

Wonderm8s ♥ ♥ (plus Nikhil, Faisal, Chamee, Shashee and Martin (ye sesat)).

May so far has been nothing but stressful. Sometimes, I feel as though everyone keeps on forcing and pressuring me to things I don't wanna do, and I really hate that. But haih whatever I know it's for the best (and for my future) so... :( Truth to be told, I really really REALLY do miss school and the activites and ugh everything about it. Even the whole studying part ahaha. I seriously wouldn't mind taking spm all over again instead of going through what i'm going through now haha. But yeah I am very thankful for what has been happening lately.

Also, I feel like i'm slowly drifting away from.. everyone. My friends. But yeah people come and go so I guess that's part of life, right? I remember someone telling me about how everyone he's really close to would end up as a stranger sooner in life......and yeah lol that's happening right now. Don't know if it's just me though. Hm but i'm really thankful for everyone who has actually stayed (and recently came). Don't know how it'd be like during college later on, when all of my friends actually start and meet new people :( noooo hahaha (clingy level martin OMG). Oh well.

Don't think anyone even reads my blog but I actually do like it this way. More to express with no one judging me hahahaha. Goodnight

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