Sunday, May 26, 2013

martin wong guo kai appreciation post

hi just wanna dedicate this post to my extra clingy best friend forever and ever until i die. he's starting college tomorrow & i'm excited for him. although he doesn't wanna go ...mainly cause he's overly attached to TVD haih. (yes he's been abandoning me for that dumbass show lately) (life). hope he has fun in college (but it obviously won't be as fun cause you know i'm not gonna be there hehe). and oh yeah btw martin pls don't make any new best friends cause remember that I'M YOUR ONLY BEST FRIEND okay :)) hehe. yup sad that he'll be busier with life now aka not being able to see my face almost everyday of the week but lol what to do.

although he can be really annoying at times (most of the time), especially when he saves your ugly pictures and posts them up, or when he doesn't let you sleep at 4am, forcing you to skype with him, deep (reaaaaally deep) down inside, he'll always have a special place in my heart :D (aww). i'm really thankful to have met him. someone i can do literally everything with, he's a male version of me, definitely... although ofcourse i act manlier than he does -_- haha. i mean which guy out there spends half of his life shopping, 1 hour editing photos on afterlight and posting em on instagram (not to mention freaking out if less thank 50 people like the photo haha)? such a vain pot ! lol.

and oh martin, sorry i made you wait for 2 hours just now. teehee. here's to ...idk, 7...(?!) months of friendship and counting ♥ lub u 4ever gurlfren ♥ ♥ ♥ and btw pls don't quit cheer yet :(

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