Monday, June 10, 2013

Gay post for my best friend.

So it was my best friend's birthday a few days ago. Wished her at 12am on the dot, and obviously there were another 2039482093842 people calling her at the same time, hence managed to just wish her happy birthday, have a 10 second chat about how a million other people are trying to get hold of her at the same time, and say goodbye. Haha. So,

Happy 18th birthday, Nad!
sayang engkau forever and ever and ever sampai mati :3
Thanks for always being there for me for the past 11 years. It has been a roller coaster ride, especially since there was an idk, 2 year period when we didn't talk as much as we used to. But i'm glad everything's good now and you're still my bestest friend forever :3 (fuckkk so gay haha)

I shall always remember our weekly sleepovers when we were 8 till we turned...11? When all we would do was play bratz dolls, play ""stranded in the island"", play amazing race in the playground (hehe), and play useless bratz rock angels games on the ps2. God we were so retarded. There was a time when you used to call me 23740283 times a day going "Hi are you bored?" and talk about.. nothing for hours. We had the same jeans (the blue ones with the butterfly and flowers), and the same stuffed animal (Paddy Paws!!). I remember getting you the big ass dog for your 10th birthday hehe so cute. We were a prefect and handled the same class together in std 3. Honestly we never really did anything....except for draw whiskers on noisy kids HAHAHAHA (remember that?). We were really close to Zoee and Michelle too, haha I shall never forget the whole "Interesting... very VERY interesting..." sarcastic shit we used to do. Haha god that was so annoying. We used to disturb Thivyabanu in class everyday, judging her about ummm... everything?! LOL. And right before UPSR, we apologized to everyone and wrote everyone sorry notes just cause we didn't wanna fail the exam, hahaha.

As we stepped into high school, we got closer to Intan Azalea, Aisyah and Kaeshini. Omg those were the days, going to Sunway Pyramid like every other DDS-es, in our Roxy tshirts feeling bergaya and shit, watching movies and bowling. Haha. And in form 2...until we were in form ...idk, 3? 4? We talked less and starting hanging out with different people. I had my wonderm8s, and you had your... gang hahah. Things changed but you always had a place in my heart (OMG this is getting gayer and gayer). But in form 5, we got into 5SB (aka the most retarded class ever) and things started to look up. We got closer again and things were back to normal. We went through torturous biology classes together, complained about every single teacher and gossiped about almost everyone we knew. Man I miss those school days haha.

Honestly now, I feel much closer to you compared to last year. You're someone I can trust, someone I can turn to if I need help cause I know you'll always be there for me. In fact, you're there for everyone. One of the nicest souls out there, i'm thankful to have met you :) ♥ 

The girlies
Hanna banana
So yeah hope you enjoyed your surprise. Here's to 11 years and counting hearts;Love you! x
& btw thanks to Mira for the lovely mixtape. 

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