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*disclaimer: wrote this about a month ago during my last semester break and never posted it until.....today. so please pretend as though you're reading this a month ago hehe*

Hi! Currently half way through my sem break (boooo)...and no, I don't think this has been a productive semester break, mainly cause...i've done nothing productive? Lol. My exams have been nothing but shit. I've gotta admit, trimester two of my first year degree has had to be the toughest trimester i've done so far. From accounting to marketing, everything has been making me pray and pray everyday that everything'll be over soon. Aside from the academic stuff, in terms of friends in school, they've been pretty shit too. (Obviously excluding SixChicks, Khairina and Razzin). Not going to elaborate further about that, but I just hope one day, he or she would finally come to his/her senses and act like a 20 year old instead of a 12 year old. :-)

But anyway, I have three more full days at home (cause Langkawi with my batchmates on Friday-Sunday), and i've gotta make full use out of it :( haihs. So here's what i've been up to:

Saturday, 14th February
First day of my sem break, and it started with my mom, Elyssa and I going to Sunway Pyramid. Sadly....my mom drove into a pothole and her tyre literally meletup. So, we went to a mechanic to get not one, but two tyres replaced. Yea, imagine three well-dressed (HEHE) girls sitting in a dodgy mechanic for an hour.
harharhar imagine this x2
Bag: Fossil. Ripped boyfriend jeans: Cotton On. Shoes: Cotton On. Watch: Casio.

After getting home, Blackcat (nama sebenar Adam) called, telling me he was staying with his aunt in SS7, just 3 minutes away from my house. So, we went out for a drink in Kedai Sebelah. Called my two besties, Mira and Azraa to join us, and hehe was so happy to be out with my normal friends. Those who I can talk shit to, those who I can talk to for hours and hours without getting bored ♥

Besties x Blackcat

Ok flashback to a week ago, when I was still in Melaka for the weekend...my aunt sent a photo of nasi lemak made by my grandparents cause they were having a nasi lemak party WITHOUT ME. So, I immediately texted Tok Abah, telling him I wanted ... nasi lemak with sambal ikan bilis and sambal udang, ayam goreng, telur goreng, and kuih seri muka :)) hmm no big deal...fat granddaughter probssss huhu. Being a typical grandfather, Tok Abah was delighted by that and Tok Mama cooked everything for dinner. Went to Kajang for my nasi lemak party and guuuurrrll it was good. 

Sunday, 15th February.
Nothing happened on this day, was basically a lazy day in. Went for my daily 5km run, when Blackcat called, telling me he was infront of my house, wanting to play with Sashimi and her kittens. Totally random, but he came in, took pictures, ate ice cream, and left during Maghrib.

Monday, 16th February.
On Monday, I was a very very very very good friend and woke up at 6.30am for my annoying best friend, Mira. She wanted someone to accompany her in renewing her IC in PJ State, and obviously I was the sad friend she just had to drag along. Haha kidding, wasn't that bad actually. It was productive, and we felt as though we should actually wake up early every :) single :) day :)

Managed to renew her IC in an hour, had a nice breakfast at Kanna, went to Sri Aman to collect our SPM certificates (after 3 years, yes) and even went to our friends' house (who wasn't even at home), to say hi. Mira dropped me off, and she ran more errands with her grandmother while I slept at home. Hehe. Later in the afternoon, Azraa joined and fetch Mira and I to go to Jumpstreet. Don't know why we even made such a decision in life...cause it was boring as hell. HAHAHA. We literally paid RM20 to just jump for 30 minutes while thinking of boat noodles.....and went to Boat Noodle in Jaya One straight after that LOL. Had three bowls to myself, alongside a coconut and it was refreshing as ever!!!

 Reason why Mira had to renew her passport: lookitdat Willy Wonka hair haha.

 So many things changed when we went- in a good way. Even bumped into Puan Suhafna, and that was nice. 
Pretending to have fun.

Tuesday, 17th February.
Lovely day cause....Boat Noodle for the second day in a row HAHAHA. This time, with SixChicks minus Anis. Again, had three bowls but sadly no coconut or green tea for me, was feeling under the weather :( Had a nice time laughing with them although I literally see them everyday during school LOL.

 Sad/ regretful faces after consuming numerous bowls of noodles.
 Sick face selfie.
Top: Monki. Black high-wasited jeans: H&M. Shoes: Nike AirMax 90. Bag: Fossil. Necklaces: A pack of four from Forever 21.

Wednesday, 18th February.
Can't recall what I did on Wednesday, but must have been boring since no pictures. Hehe.

Thursday, 19th February.
Chinese New Year! Which means an off-day for Daddy. Original plan was to go to One Utama and have lunch at Franco.....but sadly (and obviously) it was closed :( So, we decided to have lunch at a Korean restaurant called Dubu Dubu. Although I usually HATE korean food, this place was pretty good, and I enjoyed the food alot.
Here's what I had, a chicken based dish although 80% of it consisted of vegetables.

Friday, 20th February.
Mira, Azraa, Aisyah and I were supposed to go for Dolly dimsum together, but sadly Azraa fractured her ankle and we continued with our plan without her. The food there was so good. So good, I wouldn't mind having it everyday LOL! Especially the schezuan chicken dumplings and egg yolk custard bunsss <3 9="" a="" also="" and="" beef="" buns="" but="" could="" custard="" disappointment="" dryness="" due="" eating="" egg="" felt="" have="" like="" money-="" more="" of="" on="" ordered="" paper...such="" quite="" rm20="" sadly="" skin.="" taco="" tacos="" tasteless="" the="" those="" to="" twice.="" used="" waste="" we="" were="" yolk="">:( !! Haha, the other things we ordered were really good too, except for that pulut thing at the bottom left of the collage. Don't ask- Mira ordered that.....all in all, we paid RM120 for all that food. Was totally worth the price and I am looking forward in coming here again.

 Hmm sedapnya makan sampai rambut pun nak makan :-) !

In the LRT lookin Fab.

Top: Cotton On (I think). Skirt: Cotton On. Shades: Cotton On. Bag: Charles & Keith. Shoes: Factorie.
Stopped at Aisyah's house to take her car, and went to Azraa's house to meet our OKU friend. Was nice to finally have all four of us be together, just talking for hours, taking naps, and using Azraa's Internet lol. 

 Got to sign her cast!

 Cute photo, reunited ♥

AHHAHAHAHAH ok so a month has passed since I wrote this and neversambung tulis anything so here are a few pictures from the holiday I had: 

Don't know when was this but I had lunch with razzin, and this was literally the one and only time I spent time with him during the holidays....due to him being super busy with his golf and swimming ZZZZZ :| but anyway we had a nice lunch in marhaba, publika and had really really good food!! ate so much (what's new) due to my Tamak boyfriend who ordered what seemed like food for four....and we obviously did not manage to finish anything hAihs. If you go there, be sure to try out their roti canai don't know what it is thing. 

Also, we bought beards (Razzin's idea) and walked around publika ugh no shame -_-

Hahaha so that's the end of my post, should really stop doing things half way... Goodbye!!

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