Saturday, April 25, 2015

If the shoe fits, wear it.

"Best friends" - just a title. 

Sometimes, the "best friend" label people give you, or you gave yourselves back when everything was good makes you feel obligated to....act that way. Although, sometimes you don't even feel it. 
To pretend like you care, to pretend that you'd rather spend time with he/ she, while in real life, both of you have other people to talk to, to tell your problems to, to laugh with.

Best friend - the one you'd think about when anything comes up, when making plans, when something happens, and you wanna tell someone about it. Well, in this case why bother calling one your best friend when you obviously have other people to tell things to. To cry to when things don't go the way you wanted everything to be. And when they ask you whats wrong, you deny the fact that nothing is okay, shrug your shoulders and act like everything is alright.

It hurts, knowing you're not as important as you were before. But I guess that's how life is. :) 

We're taking our own separate paths soon, and there is no guarantee that things'll be the way it once was. If one day, our paths don't meet, and new faces seem to be more important that friends we've kept over the years, just remember that once upon a time, you meant the world to me.

& you still do. 

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