Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in pictures

It's the last day of 2015! Instead of typing a long ass essay which i'm pretty sure would be read by no one, here is my 2015 in pictures. Pictures of things that meant alot to me (and still do), and people who made an impact in my life during this year!

Probably the first picture I took in 2015. Much excites!


Who knew, this was the time we were going to see each other before flying off. LOL

The most important people in my life. My family ♥

A concert I decided to go last minute, which turned out to be the best and most memorable one i've ever been to, hands down. Listening to Alt-J now never fails to give me dem ~feels~ haha.

Teeeyooooo the al-habibi

Daniela, when I went to her house after a doa selamat.

And right after that, I was at the (what I thought would be) lowest point in my life. Shit happened, valuable lessons were learnt, and the true colours of everyone was unleashed. 

Only 19 year olds I like ♥

Room 102 + Mai ♥

And after that, finals ended and I had...less than a month (I think) to prepare to continue my studies in New Zealand. Before that, Tan Sri Halim Saad (the founder of my college) decided to put us through a pre-departure camp to make sure we were ready to face reality....aka living without our parents! Haha. We went through a 3 day camp whereby we learnt how to cuci ikan, ayam, TOILETS, make beds etc etc. He even made us play golf....I And ofcourse we had to listen to 8937413 people speak about our future and stuff like that.

Fknnnn disgusting I swear. The fishes were actually moving!!

Straight after our camp was the farewell dinner and award ceremony for my batch. That was sad, knowing we were all going to be separated into three different uni's, and that could have been the last time seeing each other. Received an academic excellence award, for getting 4.0's each sem (excluding my last trimester, but that didn't count HAHAHA).

 The queen and her princess teehee.

 And that's when we knew that shit was getting real. We were just one step away from living away from our family, leaving our friends at home. And that's when everyone in the world had their doa selamats.

Favourite people

Other photos from the post-kysb, pre-nz life:
Nad and I being dutch ladies
GBS minus Martin catching up after what seemed like years.

When we had to go for camp in an ugly hutan 

Martin my loveee

During my last dinner with the sisters.

And was time...

Nad and Martin my two bestiesss

Arrived in the middle of winter, so the weather was nothing but BAD. They don't call this place windy welly for nothing! The wind could literally kill, so we had to get used to layers and layers...and obviously learnt it the hard way lol.



This is what my room looked like when I first arrived.

A few weeks after we arrived was my first ever Hari Raya away from home. Missed my family alot, and missed raya food too much haha. There was not a single ketupat ok in NZ. Celebrated by going to the High Comm, as well as the WMSO raya celebration.

Depan Hogwarts (aka uni)

Me? A princess? Oh stop it you hehe.

Life went on as usual. Studied, slept (alot), went out and did the same things.

Also, I celebrated my 20th birthday away from home and it was an enjoyable day, thanks to my friends and Razzin, who made an effort to make everything special for me.

 Razzin, someone who changed my life significantly during a very long period.  

The day I ruined by beautiful white AirMax's, cause we decided to go into a hutan after it rained

Doc Marts buddies!!

During my time there, I also managed to fly up North to Auckland, with Razzin, to meet my best friend, Aisyah who came for a visit.

During our short mid-trimester break, my friends and I spent a week going around South Island. It was such a nice trip, and I promise to blog about it soon! Haha.

And from then onwards, life changed, important people left, days felt longer. But, I had my friends by my side to make me forget about everything and focus on happier things in life. 
Went to Auckland (again), this time with Ayesha.

Picnics all day everyday!

Then, it was finals....which I did really really badly in. And then came Malaysian Night.

Favorite 5 friends in uni 

Hui Wei came to visit!

 Went for a Tame Impala concert, wasn't that great. Went back to Malaysia after that!
When I went back, I managed to surprise my whole family (except for my mom who knew I was coming back).

Other people that made my 2015 worthwhile:

Ma homeboi since foundation
Sixchicks (minus Ayesha and Shiro)
My fave gossip partner
And last but not least, my gulfran who wears same clothes as I do in Welly HAHA.

All in all, I wouldn't exactly say 2015 was a good year, but I wouldn't say it was a bad one either. I started the year as happy as one could get, feeling content about life, being sure about what was in store for me. But here, as I type this, 2 hours before the new year, i'm definitely not happy, nor content with anything. Ending the year on a somewhat bitter note, but it's okay. Time will heal and things will change (hopefully to more positive things in life). 2015 taught me so many lessons, and has changed me so much. 

Here's to a smashing 2016!

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