Thursday, August 4, 2016

Raya, and everything else in between

Hi, I recently flew back to Malaysia (ha ha "recently" a month ago) to celebrate Raya with family and friends. In all honesty, a part of me wanted to just stay in NZ, go for Bersatu Games and spend Raya here but haha i'm glad I did go home as I enjoyed and managed to make full use of the little time I had there (19 days, as opposed to the 3 months I had over Summer). Arrived in Malaysia a week before Ramadhan ended, and that was nice as I could spend a few days breaking fast, going to bazaar ramadhan's (in the scorching sun), and waking up in the early hours of the day to bersahur with my family. 

The first day of raya this year was slightly different, compared to my previous years since we actually balik-ed kampung to Negeri Sembilan on the first day. Took cute pictures before we left, though hehe. 

My cute parents ♥

Loved our colour theme this year!

Spent the remaining of Raya back in KL, mostly at Tok Mama's place in Kajang. It was nice to meet my family, albeit the same questions I had to answer to each and every relative I met. "Eh bila balik?" "Study dekat mana sekarang eh? Auckland?" "Ada boyfriend ke :) !!" hahaha. 

Second raya ootd


Over my stay in Malaysia, I managed to meet up with almost everyone I wanted to, as days were spent with my family, and nights were spent with friends. Decided to hold an open house for my friends and family, which turned out pretty well....despite the fact that all my friends came at almost the same time, making it hard for me to properly layan each and every one haha. But thank you to all who came :) ♥

Martin my best buddy

Gangbang sekolah (minus Myra and Danial)

Afiq's family minus afiq. (Dale, Erin, Nadira, Me, Haiqal, Eira). Always a good time with them.

Also, did filmed an "everyday natural makeup look" with Martin, HAHAHA

The original BFF :* haha

Roy and Daba!!

Typical Sri Aman pose ♥

Mira and Haiqal.

Hot tak HAHAHA

Cute dessert table

Met other friends at several openhouses too.

Not an openhouse (LOL DUH), but here's Eira, Erin and Nadira @ Built :*

Daniela's open house

Parents, Karyna and Jakes


Huda's openhouse. Love her new house!

Caught up with Sri Aman friends too, during A&A's surprise batik-themed party. It was the first time combining three different tables at a time, and was the first time we were all together at once since graduation. Just imagine the noise and kecoh-ness we made, haha!
Typical pose

Birthday girls.

"Eh Karyna jom ambik gambar mcm Gossip Girl" - ok

You can't see it but Syaza braided my hair!! Haha so Sri Aman, braiding each others hair in class sampai kena marah. Miss miss.

Kshit, the one who made plans with me over the time I balik to"go jogging everyday after sahur supaya boleh kurus". We never went even once. :)

Ultimate best friends. The ones you can always rely on. Sayang sampai mati.

Fave person on earth :) ♥

Reasons why I am so attached to my bed, and home. :(

K perasan pic but takpe. Sekali sekala LOL.

Also, met with Arif aka someone I was excited to meet since I sampai Malaysia. Wish I could have spent more days with him, but all is well. There's always the end of this year. And the next. And the next bahahahaha.
His face every time we meet :) :)

Topi bau kedai..


A few days after that, had to go home. I was honestly so scared about everything, since I was a total mess the last time I had to balik NZ. But thankfully things do get easier and I wasn't as emotional as I was the last I had to do it. Could be because I was back for such a short period, I didn't get too attached to life in Malaysia just yet. 

Aisyah's the only person who can look good while tgh baring. Thanks for seeing me before I left to the airport :) ♥

All in all, I had an enjoyable time in Malaysia. Got to meet family and friends, got to makan everything I wanted to eat (aka boat noodles...and masakan ibuku), and got to kiss my kitty cats. Thankful to have balik, since I won't be back for another 5 months or so, sigh. 

Raya in Wellington, on the other hand was so much better as compared to my year before. Every weekend was spent with friends and openhouses. Got to make full use of the baju raya's I had in Wellington, haha!

My loves, thanks to Arif hehe.

Raya in the High Comm. Could only be there for 45 minutes, since I had cheer. I felt so high school (since life back then revolved around cheer, 4 times a week and I had to rush everything, haha!). But I had a good time nevertheless. Food was good. Although...I was super disappointed that I didn't get to meet this cute baby boy who came righhht after me. I was so sad...but what's life without sadness right lolol.

Also, based on the few pictures above, you can probably tell that i've been spending alot of time with the same people. And to a certain extent that is true. I do spend time with the Nadzers + The Boys gang but we don't take pictures, as opposed to the #Melayu's (photos below) HAHA! They're such a fun group to hang out with, and talk about everything. Will miss each and every one of them once they leave...which would be in a few months time :( sigh.

#Melayu's + Kak Hani aka Kak Intan's friend from Auckland. She's such a sweetheart!

Bukan nak puji diri but love my jacket!

Ali, the boy who's put together 24/7! lol

Madzer! ♥

When ur highlight poppin'

Kak Intan's openhouse

Kak Hani 

Will never get bored of this place and view. Fave place in Wellington and everyone knows that. This place can make me so happy.

Love them!

Also, Huda came to Wellington!

So yay! I finally updated my blog after sooooo long hehe. Only because i'm supposed to be doing my assignment right now. And as everyone knows, other things become much more interesting when you're supposed to be productive haha. Days have been pretty chilled lately, with classes banyak banyak only twice a week. Love my schedule this trimester. My first cheer competition in New Zealand is in 10 days - pretty excited for it. Although we are nowhere near ready....haha. It will be a good experience for me. Anyway thanks for readinggg byebye!

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