Saturday, December 20, 2008


hello :)
i abandoned the picture in every post thing :P
malas la :B
okay, so, today, i woke up at, hm, 7? to pray :] then,i slept back till 9.30?
yes, very early, thts bcz my mum suruh me bangun to go eat out.
bt, i slept bck :] then, 10 mins later, i went out of the room and took my towel,
bt, i frgot why i bangun so early -_-
so, i tido balik, HAHAHAHAHAHA :DD *i hv short term memory,i guess*
then, my mum walked in my room and marah marah suruh bangun :P haha, sry :s
then, she marah-marah sbb bilik mcm zoo.
so, she kemased it, i helped! the angel thing-->o:)
okay, then, we went to damansara to buy a new ballet leotard, cz mine kena bleach, :)
haha, yes, kena bleach :}
then, we went to eat, la :]
then, we went back home and my neighbour came to my hse to do something.
adalah, well, something to do with twilight,
but you'll think i'm a freak if i tell you wht we dd la, -_-
so, after tht, we went to the kedai mamak near my hse to buy junk food.
i bought rocky, nano, zapple, and this caramel thingy :9

so, then, she went back hme, i went online.
then, at 7.00, i remebered tht i dnnt pray asar yet, i was like,OMGWTF :O
so, i went to pray la ;)
then, i ate dinner, oh, my mums friend was there, btw.
oh, and i went online fr, mhm, 15mins using her phne, i bukak my neopets, which is dying according to the box under my pet,
cz lke neopets is kinda boring so, i dnt rly bukak it :P
then, my mum was like eh! check my neopets!
yeah, she has neopets -___-" called 'ikan bakar' HAHAHA :D
she checked it, bt internet was retarded, (fr neopets) so, she went to facebook,
she ddnt knw hw to see her wall n stuff =.=
and, she had like, 72 requests since the last time she went online -________-"
tht shws hw mch she doesn't knw hw to work facebook, HAHA.
then, mcm, lambat, so, she was like nah la, who wants to masuk my laptop?
so, i masuk,la ;)

oh em gee, i ddnt take a bathe since 9.50a.m :O

gtg, byee :DDDDD

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