Friday, December 19, 2008

hello :)
so, today, i went to sunway with nad, aisyah and kaeshini ;)
i asked aisyah to come to my hse at 10.00, but, aisyah being as aisyah-ish as she can, came at 10.15, so kaeshini's mum had to wait in front of my hse with us la, fr 15 mins -_-
then, we went to sunway towatch twilight, eventhough me and nad dah tgk ;p
bt, nvm la. so,then, we went to buy popcorn and stuff, nad belanja:)
oh, the movie kaeshini belanja :)
okay, we tgk la, blablabla, then, we went to a&w to eat,
aisyah ate only onion rings, no wonder she's soo kurus -.-
okay, then, we jalan-jalan and stuff,
then, pegi starbucks, i ddnt order anything, though, cz i ddnt wanna be muak. ;)
then, we jalan-jalan some more untill 3.55.
kaeshini's driver came at 4.05. :P
before that, we saw amiza, nadiah salwan and sape tah?

then, kaeshini's driver hantar us balik, i was sent 1st as my hse was at kelana jaya, paling near :)
and,, surprisingly, her driver remembered where my hse was! :O
HAHA, cz last time we were sesat :P
and, yes, i dont rly knw hw to get to my hse :Y

THANK YOU kaeshini's mum fr sending us there :)
THANK YOU kaeshini's MUM fr the tickets :)
THANK YOU nad fr the popcorn :)
THANK YOU kaeshini fr lip smackers frm aussie :9
THANK YOU kaeshini fr the crocodile pop-eye pen frm aussie :)
THANK YOU kaeshini fr the pretty bday present :)
and, THANK YOU kashini's driver fr sending me bck hme :)

haha,i'm such a grateful person, aren't i?*yeah, right*

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