Tuesday, December 30, 2008

hello :)
so, i went to singapore fr 3 days, it was okay la.
not that fun, but it was okay je -_-
i just came back at 3.00 a.m just now btw :P

okay, i stayed at a hotel kat orchard road, called orchard parade ;)
hmm, idk wht to say already -___-"
okay, hmm, shopping wasn't tht great, idk why ppl say best shopping kt spore -.-
i only bought 3 shirts -___-" sbb all the others mcm tk lawa.
oh, and i went to night safari andd, hmm, sentosa.
night safari was fun, sentosa okay je la.
and we spent the whole 2nd day shopping, i think we went to all the shopping malls along orchard road :]
oh, on the 3rd day, i went shopping too!
we went to the giant zara :)
hmm, tu je la.

byebye. :)

oh, i miss nad, aisyh, kaeshini, frh, balqis, afrina, intan m, amalina, kaiyisah D:

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