Saturday, December 27, 2008

holy cow

hello :)
man, blogger bodoh sikit la, now.
somehow, i cant make my words bercolour-colour or big/small -_-
okay, jst nw, my sisters, neighbour and i walked to the kedai runcit near my hse :P
to buy junk food :9
i bought zapple and chuppa chups -.-
hm, tu je la.
oh, i'll be away frm tmrw till 29th?
off to singapore :P
i can't wait to go shopping :D
oh, and i'm going with a car -_-
4 hours D: but 4 hours is kinda okay as going bck to my kampung is 6 hours ;)
and somehow i dont mind sitting in the car fr a loong time ;)
haha -_-"

mhm, okayla, i better go now, i kena siram pokok -_-"
and it ain't tht easy, looking at the number of plants my mum has -_____-"
hmm, i wonder wht aisyah's doing in miri :}

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