Saturday, September 26, 2009


hello :)

"Yo Mama so stupid she tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order"
so, my font colour is being cacat, but whatever.
ogaaay, let me blog about B-b-b-b-bali -_- , and i'm only doing this because i'm bored.
so, Bali was awesome. wait no, shopping in Bali was awesome :D
cause that's what we did everyday.
went there on the 2nd day of raya -,-
my mom gave us duit raya in rupiah so we could spend it there (Y)
so, yeah. practically, all we did was um, shop, swim, shop, shop, shop ;P
my mom, sisters, melissa & I shopped like orang gila O: , especially my motherrr
like, omg, shopping there is like so awesome because there's Roxy everywhere (!)
especially in Kuta, there's like three? -.-
and like, the Roxy is 2 floors, i know OMG right? HAHA -__-
everyone shopped a lot.
even Adam -,- although he only went to Quiksilver, stiiiiill.
OH! and there's this shop in Bali, Surfer Girl. HAHAHA.
sounds stupid, i know, but it's cooool ;D
it's like Roxy and Billabong and Rip Curl and all the other surf shops, but it's for girls, and the stuff's really cool :]
click HERE (Y)
I have a feeling the link doesn't work. so just go to :D
HEEHEE. i am like, advertising them. i should get paid for this -.-
but like, the site is so stupid and annoying.
eesh, just google it =.=
so yeaaaah.
beaches there suck. HAHAHA i'm so evil :[
omg i want to go shopping there again. let's see what i bought *excited face :P
  • roxy purse
  • roxy pencil case -.-
  • roxy bag
  • roxy tshirt -.-
  • roxy glads :DD
  • surfer girl braided belt (so freaking useless, idk where i put it)
  • surfer girl CHOCOLATE sunblock
  • rip curl bag
  • some other bags
  • dresses
  • sunnies
  • flip flops -.-
  • and some other things malas nak think -.-

okay, that wasted my time. I had to think what i bought okay -.- so yeah, i bought all of that with the duit raya my mom gave :') AWW she's so sweet -.- HAHAHHA idk why.

anyway, my mom shopped like a mad woman -_- she shopped for everythiiiiiiiiiiing. and like, 15 minutes before departure in the airport, sempat lagi shopping -,- she went into Gucci and bought a bag and a purse, AIYOOOO -__- so yeah.

adam : let's go to Surfer Girl! :D

us : o_o you're a guy, you know o.o


HAHA, adam gay boy ;P

anyway, i'm not done done with my geo folio yet O: NOOOOOOOO. i better go do it D; screw that.

so yeah byeeeeeeeeee!

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