Monday, September 28, 2009

Vanilla cupcakes.

hello :)
just got back from my grandma's house -.-
went there because my parents and the other adults (heehee) in my family had a meeting about my granpa's will and his stuff and whatever people talk about whenever someone in their family passes away.
so, Adam was eating cotton candy, and Hazim came.
Hazim is very rough, and active, so if you give him candy, he'll be more active and will prolly start killing people.
no, i'm kidding. he'll just run around the house. and that's a bad thing, okay.

adam : HAZIM'S HEEEEEEEEERE! D: AAAAAAAAAAH D: *puts the cotton candy under the bed*
hazim : hello.
adam : OH HELLO O.O *hugs hazim haha idk why*
hazim : *goes away*
adam : aah :')

(2 minutes later)

hazim : hello. *eats candy*
adam : O_________O DD:

HAHA. hazim was hyper after that -_-
oh, and Melissa finally knows how to download stuff into the iPhone , heheh, thanks to me >:)
oh, and i was bored. so i decided to prank people.
the results : PHAIL with the capital F -.-

me : hello. may i speak to T****s please?
T****s' mom : oh, he's asleep.
me : -______-" ah okay. bye.


me : hello, may i speak to Kaeshini please? *angel voice, muahaha*
kaeshini's mom : okay. hold on.
kaeshini : hello?
me : hello, this is Mc Donalds, what would you like to order? :D *retarded voice*
kaeshini : -.- karyna -.-

me : *prank calls blablabla something about chicken*
hannan : sorry, your prank tak jadi.
me : -__-

and Adam kept on shouting, pfft.
so yeah. i suck at prank calls :[ FML.


hee, bangga ;P
this is the first time i finished it like, before 11.00 pm. haha. karyna is awesome.
so yeah byeee.

p/s : I hate people.

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