Saturday, September 12, 2009

P-p-p-party everyday.

hello :)
so, let me update properly, okaaaay? :D
so, these past few days has been boring. tiring.
let me start with school ;]

school has been okay. i love my english teacher.
I LOVE BM, HAHAHA. well, that's because my teacher's in the hospital, she just gave birth >:) HEEHEE.
and well, that means, free periods, HOYEAAAAH 8D
and well, while other uber rajin 2 Hormatians do their homework, my *cough* useless (HAHA) 2 H gang (yassh, pik leng, soo sun, jasween, karishma, atikah) & I talk.
so, yesterday, we were playing Truth Or Dare :D

(it was Yassh's turn)
pik leng : TRUTH OR DARE? :D
yassh : dare :]
yassh : fine both.
me : ahah, okyyy.
yassh : so, wht do i do? :D
me : I KNOOOOOOOW! you go up to 2 Bakti and ask the teacher "Cikgu, boleh saya berjumpa dengan Hermoine Granger (sry tk tau spell) ?" :D
everyone else : *agrees*
yassh : AHAHA, okay ;P Jasween & Karyna ikut.

so, we followed her upstairs to 2 Bakti, annnnd, OMG.

yassh : O____O IT'S RANCH LH, STUPID O.O
yassh : alaa, give me something more logical, can ah? D;
yassh : D: I'M scareeeeeed
me : -.- FINEE, you go in and ask "Teacher, may i please see Siti?" (there'e no Siti in 2 Bakti)
yassh : FINEEEE.

so, she went in the class,

yassh : um, hello teacher, may i see Siti? :-
ranch : o.o is there a siti in this class? (asks the whole class)
class : noooooooooooo.
yassh : ahah, okay bye.
ranch : then why'd you ask for her?
yassh : nevermiiind *walks out of the class*
ranch : waaaaaaaait!
yassh : *runs away*
jasween, yassh & I : HAHAHHAHAHHAHA :'D

that was so funny :'))
anywaaay, the next day, i was dying in class, i was so hungryyy D;
well, that's 'cause i didn't eat sahur, AHAHA sooo smart ;pp
so, while the others were busy laughing and hitting and scratching (HAHA, yes, they're that ganas, oky -.-) and shouting and talking with each other, i was sitting on the chair, thinking i was going to pass out :D HAHA.
but well, i didn't.
i skipped japanese.

so, today, i ate sahur, and YAY I HAD ENERGY TO TAAAAAAAAALK :'D

me : *talks*
soo sun : eesh, why did you have to eat your sahur ah? -.-
me : -...- HEEEY, haha :P

and today, Jasween & I decided to act like noobs to some random form 1's we didn't even know ;

jasween : hello, you are in form 1 right?
girl : um, yes ;o
jasween : WELL, WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY THIS SILKY GIRL BAG? ;D *holds up the silky girl bag LOLOL*
girl : o.o *walks away*

and then, i founf the girl in the canteen, so i decided to try the Hermoine Granger thing i asked Yassh to do ;P

me : excuuuuuuse me, you're in form 1 right?
girl : o__o (takuuut)
me : -.- what class are you in?
girl : um, 1 Damai o.o
me : ohh, (pretends to be amused) well, is there a girl in your class named Hermoine Granger? ;D
girl : O____O *runs away*

see how noob-ish we can be? :D HAHAHA.
okay, there are a lot more things i would love to blog about, but i'm to lazy to type. so yeah byee <3

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