Saturday, September 12, 2009

You're on my heart.

hello :)
I miss this :')
I know Farah ♥, Balqis ♥, Afrina & Davina do too :P
this was like, in January, you see, i still remember :DD
&&, i stole the pictures from Farah, heehee. i never posted them up till today yawww ;D
this was in Tropicana Club, AWW. i still remember, hee, KARYNA IS SO SWEEET.

Ya Allah -.- HAHA :P

HEEEEE ;) *afrina was excited lh weyhhh -.-
Shut up, cool people smile like tht ;P
you're just not cool enough to do so :-)
so, yeah. I MISS YOU PEOPLE <34567910

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