Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stars stuck in my eyes.

hello :)
so, i've been pretty busy these couple of days (HAHAHA).
ask lh why -.-
okay, nevermiiind, i'll tell you anyway HAHAHA SO FUNNY (laugh lh -.-)
ee, i have to do seni tekat =,=
wtf riiight? ew i hate it. we have to do it for seni, EESH.
luckily, 2 people in my group are very bersemangat & rajin about this thing :P
so, you see, the line in the middle, and the two BIG leaves? yeah, well, Sherene & Nira did them :]
HAHAHA, Yassh & I had to do the tiny petal things up there :D
so, yeah. i'm almost doneee ;)

HAHAHA, oky fineee, not so. but well, heeeey, at least i did half a petal (?) :S

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