Sunday, September 13, 2009

Who gave up on you?

hello :)
heehee. anyway, i've been practicing the piano a lot :'D
i knowwww, so rajin, HAHAHAHA ;D but well, i don't want to fail piano, ogayy.
that reminds me, ballet exam is getting closerrrr!
haha, i just noticed, ballet is soooo gayy ;P
whatever, only coooooool people are in ballet -.- HAHAHA.
heeeey, i miss cheer :[

anyway, on Friday, Pik Leng, Karishma & I decided to write to Jasweens' sister, just 'cause we cool liddat 8D
haha, no. because we were bored.
anyway, that night, i got a call, it was from an unknown number, i didn't answer it because the number looked so rempit ;P
so, after that, i sent a text ;

"sorry who's this? haha"

aaaand, it was Jasween's sister ;DD HAHAHA.
so, yeah. i caled her, we talked LOLOL. she doesn't seem anything like Jasween at all ;p
she's less noob-ish than Jasween >:D
so yeah. i'm blogging about this just because i already clicked 'new post' , actually -.-
okay byeeee <3

hello, this is mc donalds, would you like to place your order? >:)

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