Friday, October 23, 2009

Aisyaaaaah ♥ :D

hello :)
so, i'm really bored right now, and since i'm bored, i'm blogging, but idk what to blog about, so like, since i'm talking to her, i would like to blog about,


so, i met Aisyah in standard 1, but i wasn't close to her, until we were in standard 6 :D Aisyah was a very skinny girl with nice hair. I mean, she still is lh -.- anywaaaaay, Aisyah, remember? The Attack Of The Toothfairies? -.- Ya Allah, I still have that gaytard book ! heehee. I remember you used to sit behind your cousin in standard 6, hahah. And *insertnamehere* used to perasan that your cousin liked her? -.- HAHAHA. oh, i still have this buku conteng standard 6, and in there, there were many pass note convos :) very interesting, really. Ee, zaman rempit, hihi. I don't think you remember this but remember our horses? ;) hee, see, i toldcha you didn't remember. I remember the first time we went out together, we went ice-skating, with Huda and some few other people, haha, we raced to see who was faster in skating, you won. haha. oh, you used to run, right in primary school? haha, YEAAAAH :D anywaaaay, we got closer in form 1, so yeah. I remember you almost joined badminton, but there were far too many people in badminton, so i asked you to join cheer, and ahah you did :D so yeah, i think we grew closer in c-c-c-cheer! hee, flying was so fun. and, remember when we went to Dreamworld with Kaeshini? >:D hee, the boringest moments of our lives (i know it was kaeshini's too), and we used to imitate Kaeshini's faces in the photos ;B I like Kaeshini's 'I-WANT-TO-EAT-YOU-AISYAH' face, HAHAHA. and remember when Nad, Kaeshini, you & I went to Sunway Lagoon together? :') hee, good times, good times. you didn't want to go on the cool 360 degrees ride, tho -,- haha. oh, and I remember the time we jumped on Kaeshini's trampoline, jakuuuuuns ;P

anywaaay, i like 2009 :) heehee, i still remember the day Eli, you & I went to Pizza Hut after school and you got yourselves new boyfriends? HAHAHAHA. apa nama diorang? Sunder? Raan? tk ingat lh, HAHAHHA :')) and then we came back to school just in time for latihan rumah sukan, i think, hahah. oh, and remember senamrobik? -,- EEEE. remind me never to join that, hahah. and remember Sunway with Eli? -_- ah, GOOD TIMES *rolls eyes. I mean, it was fun, excluding the part at McD -__- ah, Eli, you & I were so close, but now? Well, i don't really know. We are close, but not as close as we used to be, hee, i miss those days ((:

so yeah, you see, Aisyah, i'm sho shweeet, i remember all those, well, obviously, how can I forget kaaaaan? hee, I LOVE YOU AISYAH :D I'm glad I was best friends with *insertnamehere* in standard 6, which made us best friends. seriously, heheee. so yeah. i love youuuu, eh, why am I suddenly talking to you? i was supposed to write about you -,- HAHA. But whateverrrrrrr. Karyna Cool liddat 8)) so yeah.




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