Friday, October 23, 2009

She says to me,

hello :)
oh, oh, i random convo i just remembered :D

(sherene is one of those innocent girls, btw, the Atikah type :P)
me : sherene, what are you going to do at home? ;D
sherene : um, watch tv, or maybe go on the computer for a while.
me : oh, what do you do online?
sherene : um, stuffs, got lh, some stuff.
me : oh okaaaaaaaay. do you like myspace?
sherene : no :o
me : facebook?
sherene : no no no :o
me : YouTube? :D
sherene : yes yes a bit lh.
me : REDTUBE? >:D
sherene : um, yes yes a bit lh,
me : O_O do you even know what that is? =.=
sherene : yes yes, my cousin has it in her computer.
me : HAHAHAHAHA. Redtube lh, not YouTube!
sherene : ...?
me : redtube is porn -__-
sherene : o___o
me : heehee *giggles.

so yeah, sherene, sherene :P
oh, i'm skipping school tomorrow, because i'm too lazy to go, and like, most of my friends are skipping, anyway. might as well stay at home with the internet, tv, wii, guitar hero, food, fluffy pillows, air conditioned rooms and phones :)
so yeaaaaaah. byeeeee

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