Sunday, October 11, 2009

Forever & Always.

hello :)
so, today has been a good day.
started with waking up at like, 7.40 (?) for ballet -.-
i was sleepy, lh duuuuh.
so yeah. after that, went to my moms cousins' open house, somewhere in KL.
she was at her friends open house, grr. screw that girl.
anyway, after that, went back home, had piano.
theeeeeeeeeen, got ready to go to Balqis' open house.
went with Hanna :D
so yeah. it took like, 1 minute je -_-
so, yeah got there, a friends were there, Farah came like, 5 minutes after us :D
aww, i miss her, she looked so comel, in her dress, heehee ;)
anyway, Aisyah came later, with some other people.
malas nak cerita wht happened. so yeah.
so, Aisyah, Mira, Hanna & Azraa came back to my house to play Guitar Hero, LOL.
we walked back :D it took like 3 minutes je kot.
i was riding my super special horseeyyyyyy :P , so it took a short while.
but the others just walked so they were faaaaaaaaar away from me (HAHAHA)
so yeah. they played guitar hero, sucked badly (LOL, no lh) , and went home. pictures. amik kau.

I looove herrr

Justin Bieber- One Time.

otw back home :P

Them cool niggas playing my cool thing.

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