Saturday, October 10, 2009

Incase you haven't heard.

hello :)
*click photo to read,
Izzy and i were debating on Adline's photo :P

so, life has been .. stupid so far.
finals are next week, so far have only studied sejarah bab 7 & HALF of 8 and science chapter 5 till the end :[ matiiiiiiii.
so yeah. i knooooooow, GO STUDY LH, but ee stupid computer D:<
  • Going to AAR with Aisyah
so, i got a text from Hanna like, last week telling me that they're selling the cds and the tshirt and the tickets at Rock Corner, so i told my mom at like, 7.30pm,

me : Are we going to Curve, later? D:
my mom : why?
my mom : mhm, okay. we'll go later.

and hoyeaaaaaaaaaaah. went to Curve and got them. Thank You :)
so yeah.
i have been seeing Madiha like, almost everyday this week -.-
haha, muak tengok her face >:)
her Guitar Hero skills are improving, but obviously, she still sucks >:D
oh, i'm going to buy the Guitar Hero 5 :')
so yeah.
  • ADLINEEE called me just now :P
me : eh adline, you know, you never wave. you just angkat your hand and yeah :o
adline : oh, that's just wasting my energy to angkat my hand, and wiggle my fingers, so i just angkat my hand.
me : -.- okaaaaaaaay -.-
  • I miss my kawans, especially Nureeeeeen, Lissa and Sasha, yang lain everyday nampak muka, so yeah (:
  • My friend has serious issues.

I LOOOOOOOVE AAR *kenings ;)

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