Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello Seattle.

hello :)
so, today after ballet & piano, I went out with Pik Leng baybee
I didn't bring my camera with me, though, so no photos except for those photos down there. Took some photos with my phone, but well, HAHAHA idk where my USB cable is -.-
My mom fetched her from her house, went straight to Sunway.
When we got there, went to the cinema to book tickets for a movie, honestly, I don't even know the freaking name of the movie -.-
The movie was at 4.30, had 2 hours or so to talk around, went to Diva bought bracelets, went to Forever 21 and Topshop and other places, lazy to write.
Damn son, i wanted these shoes from Topshop but WHY LH? Pig skin lining :(
They were so darn pretty okay.
Then, went to Tokyo G and ate sushi, talked to Pik Leng and stuff.

Pik Leng : Let's kidnap that boyyyy >:) (it was a like, 9 year old cute little guy kott, haha)
Me : Muahaha suuuure >:D

But obviously we didn't lh -.-
Were pretty late for the movie, it was boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. Watched it for 15 minutes (Y) :D

Me : Ee, bosan lh this movie, let's go out now.
Pik Leng : o.o You serious? Haha.
Me : Yes lh -.-

And so, we went to our all time favourite place, DREAMWORLD! :D
We took pictures in three different booths, and spent around Rm70++ on those stupid pretty photos :D

The first one we took, I think. Mehe, my fringe is so cacat :P

Pik Leng : Eh, best lh! Let's take somemore! :D

Second batch of photos, sorry I am quite cacat ;P
So is Pik Leng, she's even more cacated.

And the last batch, ALL of them were the same because some smart person only picked one freaking photo out of 8 (?) -.-

Oh, and please click on the photos if you would like to see how spastic Pik Leng is :)
So yeah, had an awesome time there. Went home at around 6.30, my mom fetched me, met Pik Leng's mom and sister :o
Heehee so yeah. That concluded my day. Byeeee <3>

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